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A couple of restaurants that I have not seen mentioned

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Like probably some of you I can go by a small place a thousand times and then all of a sudden I am struck by an almost overpowering urge to find out about them.

There are two or three that come to mind right away.

1) I think it is called ALLEN restaurant on Lawrence W.-right near Marlee and next to the gas station in a little strip mall.It is not the one on the Danforth. I have found this place odd as it is open it seems really late and has an outdoor patio in the parking lot. It looks pretty busy and has the kind of food I love(nachos,wings etc.)Anyone been?Is it any good?

2)Steve's Place steak and seafood on Merton- It looks just as good as the other sort of Greek style steakhouses but for instance doesn't seem to get the same play as a steak pit or seniors-Can anyone tell me if it is worth visiting?

3)Coleman's Deli-has a great looking huge menu with everything I could want on it (nachos, ribs, big deli sandwiches and hamburgers) as well as all the usual "deli" foods.Does anyone go?

Anyway if anyone knows anything, could they post?-thanks

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  1. I can tell you about Colemans. Their corned beef hash is fabulous. If you like corned beef hash, Colemans is worth a visit for this dish alone.

    In my personal, and quite jaded opinion -- see my posts on deli in Toronto, nothing else at Colemans is worth eating.

    1. We'll drive a long way for good corned beef hash - where is Colemans?

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        Bathurst just north of Lawrence, east side.