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Sep 27, 2006 01:57 PM

Antonio's - New Bedford

Just a suggestion in Yankee magazine, that Antonio's in New Bedford has some of the best Portuguese food. Is that true?

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    1. re: CapeCodGuy

      Yes, we love it. Family friendly, giagantic portions etc.

      We like the cod cakes, "chicken and shrimp antonios" and "pork ribatajana (sp?)"

      Neighborhood looks tough, but it is fine.

    2. there are so few places to eat in new bedf that are good. this is a real basic formica bar/restnt . all locals. we eat there ev yr when we go to the nb folk fest.
      the dish we really like is the famous portug. standard-pork w/ clams covered with huge mass of cubed fried potatoes. their pork is a bit tough, but tasty. and the shrimp fritters app(very bready but v good.)

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      1. re: opinionatedchef

        My goodness, What New Bedford are you talking about? How many of the more than 12 Portugese restaurants have you eaten at. Most, are at least as good as Antonios, several better by far. Just around the corner on Bellville Ave. for example, are three fine restaurants. The Churarrascaria Aveirense on Sawyer & Bellville has the best BBQ ribs, & chicken in Bristol County. The M&C restaurant, further down on Bellville, has great meat & pork dishes during the week, and a "fish only" menu on friday's. The Bom Appetito, much further down on Bellvile has several dishes that are as good as anything you will find at Antonio's.

        I won't even mention the many fine restaurants on Acushnet Ave or over in the Downtown area of New Bedford, But it is clearly many more than "a few". Are you sure that you have thoroughly explored New Bedford and Fall river? It sounds like you may have missed several of the local treasures.

        1. re: Louis

          louis, oh boy! somebody to FINALLY tell me where to have dinner in new bedford! i can't tell you how long i spent trying to find anything other than antonio's when i did a chowh and egullet search last yr.I've noted all your rec's above, but PLEASE do tell us more about Acushnet Ave and downtown. And do plse tell us favorite dishes if you have time. Much appreciated.

          1. re: opinionatedchef

            I suggest you search for New Bedford on this board and read all of my past posts. I have been contributing recommendations on where to dine throughout Bristol County for several years.

            That said, my latest discovery on Acushnet Ave is the Cafe Funchal & Lydia's bakery. Here is a link to my post on those two "must visit" treasures.


          2. re: Louis

            louis, I am going on a last minute trip to Fall River tomorrow. Grew up there many years ago any suggestions for F.R. New bedford,Providence or anywhere in between? Have you heard of Jacks family restaurant in either warren r.i. or swansea, ma?

            1. re: sdsnugs

              I went to Jack's (Warren) a year or so ago and the food was mediocre at best. Very basic, bland red sauces and nothing exciting on the menu. The atmosphere was quite Chow-ish, so I was hoping for a hidden gem, but it was not to be...

              There are a ton of Providence recs on this board. I don't want to re-hash what everyone has written so well...

        2. We went to Antonio's once and thought Sagres (Fall River) was better all around.

          Antonio's can get crowded and I have the feeling that if you're not a regular, you could get lost in the shuffle as far as service goes. Plus, the neigborhood where Antonio's is located is not so great. And yes, the pork was tough and they only give you a couple clams and way too many potatoes in that dish noted above.

          One place we used to go every week was "O Dinis" in East Providence. Low key, usually fantastic food, and the most affordable of the bunch. It's a real gem.