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Sep 27, 2006 01:53 PM

New salad bar in South Orange: don't bother

A new shop opened in South Orange across from the train station called Terence Allen, which looked kind of promising -- they sell salads and wraps, and fresh produce. I tried it and advise you not to bother. It has the feel and flavor of a cafeteria; a really expensive cafeteria. It's too bad -- the location is really nice, the garden in back would be a really pleasant place to eat if the food were good. I hope they shift gears, the strategy right now seems to be if you charge people enough, they won't notice the food is bad.

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  1. Good to hear your take on this place. There have been some raves on the Maplewood/SO board, but, reading between the lines, it doesn't really sound like a true chowhound place. I will try to check out Harrar first.

    1. I completely disagree. Excellent food, nice atmosphere, really convenient location (obviously). Prices may be a bit high but welcome to suburbia!