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Sep 27, 2006 08:30 AM

Good neng myung (cold Korean buckwheat noodles) places in Socal?

Yes, I know summer is almost over but this Socal, for goodness sake, it’s summer all the freakin’ storm watch my ass time. My coworkers had introduced me to them and I feel in love with them. I usually prefer mines mul but sometimes I’ll split the spicy one with a friend, so I can have the best of both worlds. I KNOW there has to be places in Ktown. Any suggestions for non-Korean speaker? Or places that has pictures so I can point.

Just a little off topic but Corner Place’s cold noodles (which aren’t neng myung) are TASTY. The one in LA tastes better but I get better service at the one in Cerritos.

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  1. yu-chun on alexandria and sixth in k-town is particularly good, with a slushy ice broth. albene's (in the same strip mall) is also not bad. there are a few other places around; shurabal (k-bbq) on western has a surprisingly decent naeng myun with a very flavorful broth.

    meowmixx has a recent list of k-town recs - she lists yu-chun as being on 7th and kenmore but i'm pretty sure it's sixth and alexandria:

    btw jenofkuo, methinks i know you!

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      Isn't Yuchun next to Sa Rit Gol? If so, I was just there and it's 6th and Serrano. Serrano is between Western and Irolo.

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        Actually, it's on Olympic and Serrano (NEC).

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        There is one on 6th and Alexandria in the 7-11 shopping center, but there is also one on 7th and Kenmore (there's also a yu-chun on 8th and.....oxford?). Same menu, same prices. I've been to the ones on 6th and 7th but I honestly think the one on 7th tastes better.

        btw, guess who's going to Sushi Zo today - I'm so excited! hee hee

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          haha lucky! tell keizo i said hi.

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          Yes, I think I know you as well a former Bruin that loves 2 Item Combos? The Wangs had mention this website awhile back and I know the Hello Kitty loving one frequents this site and I hadn't been back since they change the format but I dig it. Thanks, I'll have to try those.

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            Yes, Yu Chun was tasty. I'll be back and I'm impress one of the waitress also speaks Mandarin as well.

          2. You're right. The Corner Place's (of "Gil Mok" in Korean) "dong chim ee gook soo" cold broth noodles are neng myun. But I love them too. Some consider it too sweet. Believe it or not, the secret ingredient is 7Up.

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              It tastes like it has 7up in it too. I can't stand Gil Mok's dongchimi guksu even though I have a big american sweet tooth. But Gil Mok is good for bbq and all around good family place. I like the one in (I think) cerritos.

              1. re: woojink

                I took my friend to the LA Gilmok this Saturday. She usually goes to the one in Cerritos but said the LA one tasted much better. I love their noodles.

              2. Try Hodori on vermont and olympic (SW Corner). They are open 24 hrs, and are pretty laid back. Pix of the food adorn the walls. They have pretty good bibim and mul nengmyung for cheap.

                You can also get good versions at the koreatown mall (the one south of olympic @western) or some of the grocery stores. I found perfectly passable stuff at california mart on western and 5th? (maybe 4th?).

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                  hodori is great cause they have a huge variety of food but i really wouldn't say they are the best place to go if you are stone sober for exceptional korean eats. imo, their naeng myung is passable.

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                    I agree Hodori is nice because it’s 24/365/7 but it’s not good if you’re craving a particular dish. Sorry their neng myung didn’t hit the spot for me and so I have no plans on ordering that dish from them again.

                  2. gang su myun ok on 6th and westmoreland (NEC) is pretty good. it's a branch of the original in Seoul. i believe they have branches in the Galleria food court as well (K-town & Northridge).