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Sep 27, 2006 06:20 AM

new restaurant/wine bar in pasadena?

heard there will be a new restaurant in pasadena with a pretty good chef opening soon. read it on the small bites of los angeles magazine. anyone have any info about it. sorry can't remember the name

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    1. there is another new wine bar going in on north raymond in addition to redwhite&bluezz, but i can't remember the address or where i heard it.

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        Heritage Wine Company. Its on 155 N Raymond Ave. I went there last Sunday. It was very nice. I thought it had a pretty chill atmosphere. Not too pretentious. They could use more help though. The waitress was running back and forth and apologized for making us wait.

      2. It's going to be called Vertical Wine Bistro and the chef is Sara Levine who opened Opus Bar and Grill (but subsequently left) to much acclaim a few years ago.

        1. ah yes, any word on an opening date.

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            Supposedly, sometime next month. I'll see if I can get any further information.

            Sara Levine is an excellent chef. If they give her free rein to use the ingredients and raw materials of her choosing, the food should be really good.

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              Sara is indeed a good chef as I remember her cooking at Vibrato Grill & Jazz in its early days. Vertical should be interesting with an extensive wine by the glass program.

          2. I've heard that Vertical will be opening in the next week or two. Supposedly, they will have 100 wines by the glass, lots of flights, and a 400 bottle wine list. The food is small plates, a la AOC, and the glasses will all be Reidel.