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Sep 27, 2006 05:31 AM

Need Great Meal in Tahoe After Our Walk

So my friend Marianne and I, neither of us jocks, somehow decided to walk a half-marathon this year, and picked the Lake Tahoe one which is next Saturday.

We developed our own team in training boot camp, and feel confident that we'll make it through without relying on the shuttle bus. But we are really looking for a great dinner on Saturday night as a reward for all our efforts.

I've been reading the boards, but would like to see if anyone can come up with a recommendation that would include:

1. A restaurant that isn't in a casino.

2. A place that has a good wine list, since we'll be ready to do some celebrating.

3. A place that features farmer's market produce and interesting entrees.

4. We have a car, so can do South or North Tahoe, although we're staying in So. Tahoe.


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  1. It's a little quirky, but try Soule Domain on the north shore - right on the line

    1. Nepheles in south shore has an award winning wine list, when I went there about 1 year ago, the food was good, a little dated but good. Evans also in South Shore, right near where you should be finishing the run, is small but good.Being so far away from any major growing area, it's hard to find farmers market produce in this area. The Big Water Grille in Incline Village has a new chef who seems to working with a lot of unique(to Tahoe at least) foods.

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        i don't think they go all that late in the season, but there are farmers markets in kings beach, tahoe city, homewood and truckee. The farmers just drive up the mountain.

      2. There's a Chart House on the hill. Freshies is excellent, a little more casual.

        1. We had a very pleasant experience at Evans last year, and an appalling one at the Big Water Grille.

          1. I've had several wonderful dinners in Truckee at Moody's Bistro. They have heirloom tomatoes as well as other farm fresh foods, along with unusual items you find only in the Bay Area, such as marrow, pit trotters, and sweetbreads. Chef Mark Estes is just about the best and most creative chef around these days, imo. Plumpjack my other choice on North Shore but Evan's is my recommendation for South Shore.