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Sep 27, 2006 04:49 AM

Fruli (Fruit) Beer?

Hey all,

Just back from a trip to England and Ireland and discovered I really like a fruit beer we found there, Fruli. Anyone know if this or something similar can be found in LA, either in restaurants or stores?

I've browsed on Google but coming up empty so far.



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  1. Well one can easily find the fruit flavored belgian lambics around here in flavors like kriek (black cherry)and framboise (raspberry) and so on.

    One brand that I have seen is Lindemans which can be found in many markets including Whole Foods or Bristol Farms. I heard Lindemans is much sweeter than traditional lambics, but I still like it.

    1. I'm dreaming about Fruli too! I found a pub on the Marylebone high street that had draft strawberry Fruli and loved it so much that I went back to that same pub a week later, when passing through London again on the way back from Scotland.

      The problem is that Fruli isn't a lambic - it's 70% wheat beer and 30% fruit juice, added almost at the very end. Lambics tend to be too sweet for me (especially lindemann's), more like a fruit cider. Although some of the non-lindemann's raspberry lambics are okay. Fruli was more like a beer smoothie! Or like making fresh strawberry lemonade in the summer... only with beer instead of lemonade! I know Canada has fruli, and they're in the US, just not sure where. I plan on talking to the beer distribution guy at K and L Wines on Sunset, near Vine. They're great at getting stuff in - as long as they're able to, based on who the distributor is, etc.

      1. msmerymac:


        Früli, Europe's Fastest Growing Fruit Beer, Makes US Debut
        July 29, 2008

        [...] "Look for Früli in both on- and off- premise accounts across the USA beginning in August. For more information visit or ."

        As you can see, it debuted in the U.S. last year. If you're not seeing it around, it's probably because it wasn't selling at local stores...

        1. omg the horror ;) if you can't find Früli i suggest a brilliant alternative: Fresita [ ], a sparkling wine from Chile with Patagonian strawberry pulp. 8% abv.

          1. The closest place I've found Fruli is in Arizona; most pubs and in BevMo