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Sep 27, 2006 04:20 AM

Best (Inexpensive) Sushi in LA?

My parents are taking me out for my birthday this weekend and we decided to get some sushi. We live in Pasadena, and anywhere under an hour's drive (Pasadena, Downtown, Hollywood/Beverly Hills, Torrance, etc.) and under $100 for the three of us would be great. Our favorites include anything with maguro (tuna) and California handrolls (with real crab, not the imitation stick kind). Unbelievable though it may seem, we've never gone to a restaurant specializing in sushi yet, although we are Japanese and have lived here for over 20 years. We are thinking of maybe trying Sushi Go55 in Little Tokyo.

Taking this opportunity, I'd also like to ask if anyone knows of a good cake shop in the LA area. My favorite currently is Italian Tomato in Mitsuwa in Little Tokyo--the Chocolate Marron Cake is really good! (Part of the reason we are thinking of trying Sushi Go55 is because it is also in the Mitsuwa building.) We like cakes that aren't too sweet and are on the light side.

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  1. You will be able to eat well at Hide Sushi on Sawtelle in West LA for $35/person. dollar for dollar, this is the best sushi deal in town, as far as I know.

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    1. re: glutton

      Bear in mind that Hide is cash-only.

      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        But there is an ATM in house if you forget.

      2. re: glutton

        I second Hide. And the Cash-only thing. $30 a head will get you a LOT of sushi there.

      3. Maybe you'd like to try Sushi Gen in the Honda Plaza in Little Tokyo; good sushi and in your price range.

        Also in that mall is the Frances Bakery, which should have a nice selection of cakes, and a cozy tea room. It reminds me of a little konditerei in Vienna, where you can eat cake and drink coffee out of nice china, in a modest but very genteel setting.

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          Sushi Gen is very good but you will not spend under $100 for three there. I haven't gotten out of there for under $100 for two.

        2. Z Sushi is at the Alhambra/San Marino/South Pasadena border, and would probably be a good choice. I've done omakase there several times (there are two omakase options on the menu at different price points, but what I've done is just eat until I'm full), and have never paid more than $35/person. This is without alcohol, however.

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            i used to work at Z-sushi! the quality is ok, and yea its not that expensive. worth a try. omakaze is a great buy too.....

          2. I like the Maki & Sushi in Arcadia (Huntington Dr., near the 210 Fwy and it shares the parking lot with the BJs) - the sushi (both nigiri and the crazy rolls) are good, and I never spent more than $13 for lunch or $30 for dinner. Of course, depends a lot on what you order (I tend to get a mix of sushi & cooked foods.)

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            1. re: AquaW

              Kiyosuzu is great if you're on budget. Quality is average but fish is usually fresh. Selection and skill of the two chefs are limited though.

            2. Try also Kiyosuzu in Arcadia(on Baldwin between Huntington and Duarte). We usually get out of there below $40 for two(no alcohol).

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              1. re: calabasas_trafalgar

                I second this place. If you like ankimo (monk fish liver), they make a good ankimo roll. It should be in their special menu on the wall, I don't remember specifically what it was called though.