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Sep 27, 2006 04:15 AM

October 2006 Cookbook of the Month: Cast Your Votes Here

October brings shorter days, cooler weather, and the end of the autumn harvest. Since in many parts of the country it's still nice enough to be outdoors during daylight hours, I thought we could choose a cookbook that emphasizes one-pot cooking. These recipes are hearty, filling choices that reheat well and can simmer on the stove for a long time without a lot of checking. Cleanup is minimal.

Both books employ braising as a technique: one focuses on it more while the other employs it in some recipes. Even those cooks who are experts at braising will, I hope, be encouraged to try some combinations they haven't before. (And personally, I have a brand new enameled dutch oven I can't wait to break in.)

Our choices are:
-- ALL ABOUT BRAISING by Molly Stevens. This cookbook goes into great detail about the technique of braising, and also includes a wide range of recipes (not only meats, but vegetables and seafood as well).
-- SOUPS, STEWS, AND ONE POT MEALS by Tom Valenti. This cookbook focuses on one pot cooking and includes soups, stews, chilis, pastas, etc. A lot of traditional recipes (such as macaroni and cheese or beef borguignon) are updated with more modern ingredients and streamlined to be cooked in one pot.

So there you have it, folks. Please post your votes here until midnight (PST) Thursday the 28th of September. I'll announce the October cookbook on Friday and begin setting up the threads.

And one final note-- since we got a late start in September, if some hounds would like to continue cooking from Marcella Hazan's Essentials, please feel free to do so. We'll leave those threads open for now.

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  1. My vote is for Soups, Stews, and One Pot Meals, but I'm sure All About Braising will win anyway! I checked out All About Braising once before and just wasn't inspired, but maybe that will change once everyone starts cooking from it.

    1. OMG, I knew I should have gotten SSO when I saw it on sale today. I'm going to tentatively vote for it and hope it's still at the store when I go back next week.

      1. Does your last sentence mean that the threads will eventually be closed? I was wondering about that...

        I'm fine w/ either book. I have AAB and just requested a copy of the Valenti book from my library. Thanks for leading us on this wonderful group project!

        1. My vote is for All About Braising. I like how there are recipes for short braises as well as longer ones. Some of the recipes look like I can throw together dinner v. spending all day waiting for the dish to finsih (I can do that on a weekend).

          Regardless, I am in either way

          Thanks for giving us focus and direction Redwood2bay.

          1. My vote is for All About Braising. It's good for experienced cooks 'cause it has a wide range of tasty-sounding dishes and for the novice braiser, lots of discussion of technique to inspire confidence.