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Sep 27, 2006 04:10 AM

Frank Stitt's Southern Table?

I picked up a copy of this 1/2 off at a random store today, and was wondering if anyone has used and liked it?

Amazon likes it a lot:

The book is drop dead gorgeous. Page after page of 8x10 glossy photos, all delicious looking. Colorful, seasonal, and sorted by type of dish (appetizer, entree, dessert).
I'm planning to flip through it on a 6 hour car ride tomorrow, so

I'll report back on what I think, but it'll be awhile before I can actually cook out of it. I also picked up the well-reviewed Molto Italiano today at the same store but am taking Southern Table with me to read first simply because it's even more beautifully put together than Batali's book, just to give folks a sense of how lovely a book it is.

Does anyone own it and have more constructive thoughts?

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  1. I bought this used for $15 at my local bookstore several months ago (thanks to Nathan P. for tipping me off since he knew I wanted it!). You're right; it's a gorgeous book w/ delicious-looking recipes. The book really does tell a "story", and the pages are filled w/ Southern spirit, hospitality, and passion. I love how recipes seem to marry Southern tradition w/ modern sensibilities and French technique. I would love to eat at Stitt's restaurant one day...

    As for trying out recipes, I haven't made it very far yet. I've only made Miss Verbena's pimiento cheese, but didn't find it as compelling as they described in the book. It would be fine w/ some tweaks. I reported on it w/ a photo so you can search if you like. I have a feeling that many recipes are successful, so I hope to cook more from it in the future. Contender for future cookbook of the month?

    Candy seems to be a big fan of the book and has cooked from it, so I'm sure we'll get some feedback from her. Candy and others?

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      Darn! You bested me with your $15 (I paid $20). But thanks to you and Candy I'm really looking forward to flipping through it. Thanks for the quick responses!

    2. Carb Lover is right. I adore that book. jillp also has it and several of our friends do to. We all cook from it. jillp and I both have been to the restaurant.

      Having cut my teeth on pimento cheese I don't really follow Miss Verbia's recipe but do use her method of roasting red bell peppers for the pimentos. The only dish that was not really stellar tha tI have found is the chicken in watercress sauce. It is not bad by any means, just not outstanding. Oh do try the panna cotta recipe. That is just to die for.

      1. The pork with Makers Mark Sauce is great. & I am going to a Sothern Accents Magazine party this weekend that he & 2 mystery chef's are catering. Supposed to be a lot of Game on the menu.

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          Oh I am sooooooooooo jealous!!!!!!!!!!! I got my copy out this evening and have been reliving some great diners. Try the baked grits with the country ham and mushroom sauce. It is divine. So many good things in the book. I could keep listing grat stuff from thre book. The size makes the book a bit unweildy, and I wish thre publishers would quit making great cookbooks into coffee table things, especially when they are cook worthy, but for a b ook this good I'll put up with it.

        2. This is one of my favorite cookbooks. Stunning photography, well written, and great recipes. This is what I have tried so far:

          *Highlands Baked Grits. Haven't made this at home yet, but had it at his restaurant. AMAZING.
          *Creamed Corn. Simple and delicious.
          *Watermelon and Red Onion Relish. Good, not outstanding.
          *Pimiento Cheese. I was a bit disappointed (just based on how it was described in the book) I think this could be improved.
          *Orange Thing Martini. Yum.
          *Cured Pork Crostini with Sweet Potato Brandade. I made this for a party and everybody LOVED this - couldn't stop talking about it. Would be perfect to make this time of year.
          *Roast Pork Loin Stuffed with Rosemary, Bacon, and Onions. My friend made this and loved it.

          So many more things to make...

          1. I absolutely love this book. I have made the majority of the recipes here including the desserts.. I definitely agree with the Cured Pork Crostini, I have made it at several parties and have given the recipe to like 20 people already..

            For a step in a classier direction I would suggest the Inn at Little Washington Books..

            For a similiar direction I like the Gift of Southern Cooking with Scott Peacock and Edna Lewis too..

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              Thanks to you and akp for the cured pork crostini rec. I don't remember that recipe so will look it up and make it soon!