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Sep 27, 2006 03:23 AM


On a recent visit to Sample I was pleasantly suprised to find that they had remodeled and it is beautiful!!! Not only is the owner super but now the place has an elegant glow and is now my favorite spot for a glass of wine and a snack after work. They stock some interesting wines and the cheese boards are worth the trip. On my last viist I had a couple glasses of gruner veltliner and three cheeses and the tab was only twenty bucks!!! I'm sorry to put this out there I always thought I'd found a spot for myself but now I think the rest of you brooklynites might like to know (there's more seats now so you will not be taking mine)
have fun
in vino vertas

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  1. Our favorite local spot since we moved to the neighborhood 2 years ago. You're right, it looks great post renovation. I like the big wondows up front too that really opened the place up.

    Was there just last night where she has St Simeon cheese on special that is just outstanding. That and the giant white beans made a perfect pre-dinner snack for us.

    1. yes, its one of the only affordable places in town for wine.. and the smoked latvian sprats are great!!! as well as the cheeses. they are not skimpy. I love it

      1. I really *want* to love this place, but there's just something very offputting and uncomfortable about the staff. Have things changed, or is it still the same staff/owner?

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          The owner is the same, and she is great. Real nice, remembers quasi-regulars, etc.

          I had issues with the staff before (interactions with people who clearly didn't want to be working there, or at least gave that impression), but that was last year. I visited recently and everyone was accomodating, nice, etc.

        2. OK - good - I haven't been in a while. My wife and her female friends were always put off by sort of leering bartenders, which I dismissed until I dragged her there and witnessed it first-hand - it was very uncomfortable. I may have to add this place back to the roster, though Bocca Lupo may have crowded in on its turf for when I want a glass of wine and a snack...

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          1. re: lambretta76

            I had planned to check out Bocca Lupo having read about it but I have to say I'm put off by the menu. Whats up with a place like that having ZERO cheese on the menu? When I go to Paninoteca or Inoteca in manhattan, a good cheese plate is my favorite part of the meal. I just cant bring myself to go now...

            I love the staff at Sample.

            1. re: Nehna

              There is no cheese on the menu posted at the door besides the generic "cheese plate" - it's the specials menu that lists the cheeses and salumi they have that evening, as well as pasta and risotto specials and desserts. They should post that menu at the door.

              1. re: lambretta76

                oh really? i didnt even see a generic 'cheese plate' when I looked at the menu.

                so how are these cheeses there? have you been impressed?

                1. re: Nehna

                  I actually had the cheese plate there last week. I don't recall what they were, but I can tell you that of the 5 cheeses, only 1 really drew me in and 1 or 2 left me going "blah.".

                  I really like Bucca Lopo's vibe and a lot of their food and have been 3 times already. But honestly, except for 1 of the 5, you could have told me the cheese came from Key Food and I would have believed you.

                  It's just not that hard to get amazing cheese -- why would anyone serve mediocre cheese?


                  1. re: Peter

                    That's disappointing to hear - on Sunday night the cheese plate looked inviting, though if the quality is low... (I can't remember any of the specifics besides grano padano, but there was one that was soaked in red wine.)

          2. The ladies that work there are some of the nicest people in the world. They play great music, are pleasant to speak to, and very knowledgable about what is being served.
            We've been a few times when a couple men are working; and it wasn't nearly as pleasant. We'll usually walk past the place if the lovely ladies aren't inside.