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Sep 27, 2006 02:48 AM

Anniversary Dinner: Fine Dining and easy reservations this weekend

It's my anniversary this weekend, and I'm late in making dinner reservations. Aak!
Any ideas for fine dining restaurants in the City or penninsula that wouldn't be impossible to get reservations on a saturday evening for an early dinner? I tried Gary Danko, and they put me on the waiting list (I appreciate that they didn't make me feel like a jerk about calling so late and they were very courteous about the wait list).

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    1. There are dozens of places on with tables available on Saturday night.

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      1. re: Husky

        Hundreds, but the good places suitable for an anniversary are pretty much booked up.

      2. I just checked Open Table - Chapeau has an opening at 5:45pm on Saturday. Good luck!

        1. Jardiniere has availability this Saturday. I've celebrated several special occasions there and they've all been excellent. If possible, ask for one of the tables upstairs for two overlooking the bar.

          I'm not sure if you'll be able to get a table, but Cafe Jacqueline is another great place for anniversaries.

          1. my friend did the same thing last weekend and got an early and amazing dinner at fleur d'lys. they had a blast