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Sep 27, 2006 02:16 AM

Delighted by Bondi Road on the Lower East Side

Just got back from a dinner at Bondi Road and had a really good experience. The space is adorable, small, open to the outdoors, with huge photo montages of Bondi Beach (which I learned today is pronounced Bond-eye, not Bond-ee like I had thought.) It is primarily a fish restaurant, though I saw a burger going past us that looked terrific. You have the option of ordering fish grilled, fried or broiled in crumbs. I had the sea trout grilled and my friend had the barramundi fried. My trout was grilled very rare - it was delicious so I enjoyed it, but if you like fish cooked through you should let them know. Fish comes with a side - very affordable at $15 per and generous portion to boot. I had the mixed greens (light and yummy) and my friend had the potato scallops which were, as far as I could tell, huge slices of potato battered and fried, a bit bland. Service was extremely friendly and accomodating. The only drawback is that all the tables are bar height, not too comfortable. Anyway, I really liked it and highly recommend it for a bite of fish in a casual atmosphere.

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  1. I've been wanting to check it out, have heard nothing but good things. Would the space be good for a group of 5-10?

    1. I am eager to try this out as well after reading a really positive review. They make their cocktails with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, supposedly the way they do in Australia. Do you know if they have lunch hours? They have not taken their website live yet.

      1. to your points. I think the space would be fine for a group of 5-10. The service was very accomodating so I would just call ahead about your party. I don't know if they take reservations but they were not particularly crowded on a Tuesday evening. I do not know what their daytime hours are.

        I had a vodka infused with fresh passionfruit, which was fantastic.

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          They might not have been crowded on Tuesday, but I bet they are jammed on Friday and Saturday nights. The streets in that part of town are thronged with revelers hopping from bar to bar. I know because I'm part of the throng.

          Thanks for posting this review. I want to try it too.

        2. This has been high on my list of places to eat. I spent some time in Australia and did not want to leave after eating the barramundi. It is my favorite fish, very tasty. I am looking forward to the Bondi Road version.

          1. Huh. I ate there a couple of weeks ago. The food is fine, and it's a good value, but it's not really worth a special trip. I had the grilled groper (sic) with beet salad. Pleasant enough, nothing to write home about.

            The servers are enthusiastic, very friendly, and generous with wine refills. The seating is uncomfortable, in that you sit up high with your legs dangling (hate that). The long bench that runs along the wall is so completely covered with pillows that we had to have someone remove a few to make room for us. Kind of an odd decorating choice.