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Sep 27, 2006 02:12 AM

Can't get a resrv at Blue Hill

So after a year and a half together and a subesequesnt two month break up, my man and I are trying a go at it again. We both love good food. We are going on Saturday to the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Bronx Botanical Gardens on Saturday and thought a short trip up for a great meal at Stone Hill would be a most awesome topper. According to that is just not going to happen. :( So, I have two questions: 1) anyody have any luck with last minute reservations there or; B) any other great suggestions for us for a great meal outside of Queens to follow up a day at the Gardens. We live in Woodside.

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  1. One Saturday evening we called in the mid-morning, and got an excellent table that same evening. LUCK. And timing, I guess.

    It never hurts to call the same day and check.

    1. try..eating at bar, and or try eating late 10 pm

      1. Consider yourself lucky--saving a lot of money for a meal more hype, smoke and mirrors, than substance...Buy some farmers market greens, dress with good vinagraitte and top with a perfectly poachd egg to replicate Stone Barns best dish,,,then spend the additional $200+ at a Peter Kelly (Xaviar group) restaurant in Rockland, or, if you want to stay in the Bronx, have some fun on Arthur Avenue.