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Sep 27, 2006 02:07 AM

Arthur ave bronx - 1st visit report

I went with my friend to Arthur ave for the 1st time after visiting botanical garden this saturday.
Well, I should have copied down the address first, but I forgot that Roberto's was on crescent ave, not arthur. So since I didn't find it, and my friends and I were hungry, we just went to one that wasn't too expensive looking. Dominick's was completely full, so even though I was tempted to go there, we went to Emilia's nextdoor instead.
The food there was terrible. The waiter's face was completely masklike. The only thing I liked there was the bread. My friend liked it but she was from Tenessee, and even she wasn't really awed. The stuffed artichoke was awful, and pasta sauce taste like canned sauce.
My advice: Don't go there.

But I am wondering - is there any red-sauce joint that's actually decent? Doesn'thave to be refined, but good value with big portions a must. I think my parents would like to try, but no way I'm going back to Emilia's.
I did see the Clam place was pretty full, and Dominick's too, but I heard there's no set price for the latter. Anyone want to share their thoughts?

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  1. Dominick's is pretty "red sauce" and while they don't have a menu and you are at their mercy on prices, they are fairly reasonable. Mario's across the street from Dominick's is a sort of more upscale red sauce place. And further south (downtown) on Arthur Ave. you'll find Pasquale's Rigoberto, the ultimate Little Italy Italian American red sauce restaurant. Highly recommended for atmosphere and food. None of these places match Roberto's which is one of the best Italian restaurants in NYC.

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      Roberto's is no where near what it once was. Another great option up there is Tra Di Noi on 187th. Amazing REAL Italian food. Very warm atmosphere, small family owned. Small menu but wonderful black board specials that you don't see everywhere (ex: rabbit, etc)

      Also if you're going to be up in the Arthur Ave area make sure to stop at Biancardi's and buy some meat! The absolute best.

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        Actually, I would have agreed with you 4 or 5 months ago. The move to larger quarters seemed to have discombobulated Roberto, and there was a noticeable slide in overall quality - still good, but no better.

        However, my last two meals there (late August and two weeks ago) were outstanding - as good as they ever were. A special of chicken on the bone in an agro-dolce sauce, a lamb shank done osso buco style, an ox-tail risotto, baked shrimp and scallops with potatoes whipped with spiced ricotta, and a veal scallopine with smoked mozzarella and sausage meat were particularly outstanding - and their regularly offered variations on a homemade pasta steamed in foil with its sauce (the most recent was radiatorre with cherry tomatos, fresh thyme, and gorgonzola dolce) continue to be great.

        We tried Ta Da Noi shortly after they opened, BTW, and were not impressed. Maybe we'll give them another shot - but with Roberto's back on track, we'll probably gravitate back there.

        No argument on Biancardi's, though, and if they've got their stuffed pork chops (a fall and winter special), don't pass them by - they're ready to bake, and they're fabulous.