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Sep 27, 2006 02:00 AM

DeMarco's re-revisited

Went Sunday at noon. Pizza guy named Anthony (I think). Got a fresh square and a fresh round slice. I'm telling you they were 80% up to DiFara's standards and 80% of perfection (without the schlep to Midwood) is alright with me. Try it again andTIME IT RIGHT.

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  1. I had a square pie there last Saturday with my sons. I thought the pizza was great and I agree with you that if your in the neighborhood Di Fara is the place to go but not worth the trip to Brooklyn if Di Marco is close by.

    1. Gutter, it's so funny -- I just posted a similar comment re DeMarco's to another thread. I've been getting a slice of the square and the round the last few weekends and have been genuinely impressed with how far they've come. They aren't DiFara and never will be because people in Manhattan aren't willing to wait. But it more than scratches the itch if you can't make it out to Avenue J.

      1. My only problem with them is inconsistency. I wouldn't "go there" because I've been disappointed too many times when I was walking by and stuck my head in to see if it was an opportune moment for a slice. More often than not, it's not; but when it's good, it's fine, if not "great" pizza.

        1. That is good to know. The last time I was there it was a total train wreck, particularly the service. A lot of employees and managers standing around watching the chaos but not knowing, or caring, what to do. The pizza can be inconsistent but when it works, it is very good. I will revisit

          1. Oh, the service is usually some manner of chaotic (to put in terms that can't get me sued for libel) but in a pizza joint, I really don't care as long as they respond when I speak to them directly.;) And I am talking about the counter service place, I've never eaten in the restaurant next door.