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DeMarco's re-revisited

Went Sunday at noon. Pizza guy named Anthony (I think). Got a fresh square and a fresh round slice. I'm telling you they were 80% up to DiFara's standards and 80% of perfection (without the schlep to Midwood) is alright with me. Try it again andTIME IT RIGHT.

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  1. I had a square pie there last Saturday with my sons. I thought the pizza was great and I agree with you that if your in the neighborhood Di Fara is the place to go but not worth the trip to Brooklyn if Di Marco is close by.

    1. Gutter, it's so funny -- I just posted a similar comment re DeMarco's to another thread. I've been getting a slice of the square and the round the last few weekends and have been genuinely impressed with how far they've come. They aren't DiFara and never will be because people in Manhattan aren't willing to wait. But it more than scratches the itch if you can't make it out to Avenue J.

      1. My only problem with them is inconsistency. I wouldn't "go there" because I've been disappointed too many times when I was walking by and stuck my head in to see if it was an opportune moment for a slice. More often than not, it's not; but when it's good, it's fine, if not "great" pizza.

        1. That is good to know. The last time I was there it was a total train wreck, particularly the service. A lot of employees and managers standing around watching the chaos but not knowing, or caring, what to do. The pizza can be inconsistent but when it works, it is very good. I will revisit

          1. Oh, the service is usually some manner of chaotic (to put in terms that can't get me sued for libel) but in a pizza joint, I really don't care as long as they respond when I speak to them directly.;) And I am talking about the counter service place, I've never eaten in the restaurant next door.

            1. I've always had good pizza at DeMarco's. I simply go to the counter and wait for the next fresh pie (its usually only a few minutes).

              1. I am only referring to the take-out counter though since it comes from the same place, I'm puzzled as to why people seem to be disappointed in the restaurant since presumably they'd be getting a fresh pie made to order?

                1. We were there a little over a year ago and had an awful experience.

                  Not only was the square pie we ordered below mediocre, the dining room was somewhat of a mess. The sectional had been taken apart and was several inches away from the rest of the banquette, there were a few stray napkins on the floor, it lacked an overall cleanliness.

                  There were only two other tables at the time and one seemed to be friends of the hostess. The other was a character actress I recognized from t.v. on what seemed like a first date.

                  We've been to DiFara's many times and have always loved it. This was basically garbage. We ate a few slices, took the rest to go and them ended up tossing it in the trash can on the corner.

                  1. Sorry, but where is DeMarco's located? Also, What is the location of Joe's in the Village that is supposed to have great slices. Thanks. /Drew

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                      Houston and MacDougal-DeMarco's; Carmine and 6th-Joes

                    2. Sorry folks but I'm going to have to strongly disagree. As a 35 year DiFara customer who cant stop the masochistic tendency to keep going back to De Marco's (the pizza place next door to the corner restaurant)to make sure it hasnt gotten better (read: any good at all), my many slices there have all been of the "train wreck" variety. And Dom's nephew, who's been there most of the time I've ventured in, is not exactly a good choice for management.

                      I know I'll regret it, but all I need is encouragement like the above posts and I guess here I go again, hoping the next time's the charm. Warning: I will blame you all if its the same poor excuse for a square slice!!

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                        Steve, if you live nearby, you have the best option of all. Take the square slice home and crisp up the oily bottom in a frying pan. It ain't DiFara, but it's really, really good.

                      2. I think you are a masochist to keep travelling to get to it. ;) Save for it for times when you're nearby anyway is my advice...

                        1. I agree completely with the OP...it's been about a year, but the last time I was there, we ordered both a square and a roun d (in the retsaurant) and it was terrific. As the OP stated, a very good approximation of the real thing. By all means, go to the restaurant, order a square, get past all the service issues, and sit back and enjoy a great slice.

                          1. stopped in yesterday on the way to the film forum...around 12:45pm. When we lived in brooklyn heights 10 years ago, we were regulars at grimaldis. This was a different style but very, very good. On the counter, they had freshly grated parmesan cheese which was great. The square was ok but had been sitting too long.

                            I would go back in a second if I was going to the film forum.

                            1. The place is GREAT now. Total turn around. This is destination pizza. My favorite slice (not pie) in Manhattan now.

                              But avoid toppings. They ruin (at least for me) the subtle taste of the cheeses.

                              1. Interesting how different the opinions are on this place.

                                Tried the pizza for the first time last night, just walking by and recognized the name from here. I got a square and round and a .5 L bottle of water for $7.50. Figured it would be worth it if the pizza was really good.

                                It was terrible. Both pies had been sitting a little while. For the square piece the dough was less than 1/2 cooked - just raw dough in the middle. The crust on the round piece wasn't much better. For both slices the dough had a raw flour flavor. The cheese had good flavor but couldn't compensate for the crust on either slice.

                                I don't get the appeal, and don't feel like it was bad just because I got a slice from a pie that had been sitting around. Even with an older slice of really good pizza you can tell that the pie was good at one point. Not here. I'd prefer the average street slice to this.

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                                  I know what you mean, but try again, you really were unlucky. One time I had crust that was really too burnt, and one time I had the crust totally underdone, but most of the time they were good.