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Sep 27, 2006 01:12 AM

Where to find good yellow corn on the cob? [moved from General Topics board]

Strange thing to be looking for, but one thing I miss as a
transplanted midwesterner is good corn. Californians have this
odd idea that white corn is better than yellow, "because it's
sweeter!" If I want my corn to taste like sugar cubes, I'll
buy sugar cubes. Yellow corn tastes like corn, as it should.
So, that's my rant.

My question? Does anyone know of a good place/produce store
that fairly regularly stocks good yellow corn. Ideally, I'm
interested in the Berkeley area: Monterey Market and Berkeley
Bowl rarely stock it -and I wont take out a loan to buy veggies
at Andronico's or Whole Foods if I can avoid it.

Thanks all :-)

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  1. Do you have a time machine?

    White, yellow, or variegated, in recent years I've rarely found anything but cloying se and sh2 hybrids with no ripe corn flavor. None so far this year.

    1. I grew up in Michigan and know what you mean. Berkeley Bowl had yellow corn fairly often this summer, but I think you're too late for this year. I agree with you that the yellow corn has more corn flavor, and always get it when I can. But I don't buy corn unless the cut end of the ear looks fresh and the corn has been chilled. If it's warm to the touch it's already gone. I start buying corn when Brentwood corn appears in the markets and stop buying it when the Brenwood corn is gone. Given the choice between white corn that meets the above test and yellow corn that doesn't, I'll buy the white; and yes, sometimes, the white hybrids are just too damn sweet.


      1. This year's corn season seemed short to me. Started late and good corn came is spurts and sputters. I prefer the yellow corn myself and agree that the Brentwood stuff is the best. Alas, it's done and gone until next summer.

        1. Coulda sworn that's what they serve at Q (with Jalpeno lime butter), said the ex-Chicagoan.

          1. There was plenty of corn at the farmers market last Saturday.

            Monterey Market's a good place to try.