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Sep 27, 2006 01:04 AM

What happened to Tre Fontane?

Does anyone know what happened to Tre Fontane? I loved that place so much and this year it looked like it was closed. I tried calling but the number was disconnected.....

It was my fave Italian place. Homemade food and cute italian old couple who owned it...

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  1. I was so sad! I went there once last year and it reminded me of my Italian grandparents. The veal was tasty, and the homemade pasta was...well it had that homemade noodle taste thats so hard to find. It was such a great deal, $10 for all you can eat homemade food. I miss it :(

    1. Tre Fontane is usually open only for the spring and summer months. Apparently, the owners always close up shop in the fall and go to Rome for the winter (beats Florida any day...). So I am sure they will be back in the spring. Their gelato is pretty good too.

      1. According to NOW Magazine (July 2006), Tre Fontane has closed shop. This summer, I kept waiting for Tre Fontane to open up, but it never did. I was so sad when I found out! I'll miss this place.

        NOW Magazine:
        Arrivederci Tre Fontane
        Tre Fontane , that charming and impossibly inexpensive retro Italian all-you-can-eat cucina across from Lee's Palace in the Annex, has finally closed its doors for good. It's been no secret that this prime commercial real estate has been on the market for years - which resto in Toronto isn't for sale? - but septuagenarian mom-and-pop owners Nick and Maria Tricarico 's are calling it quits after nearly 30 years in the business. They will be missed.

        1. Oh - that is very sad indeed. Sorry to have misinformed.