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Sep 27, 2006 12:25 AM

PDX: Top Italian near Portland Westin Hotel

I am planning a romantic evening with my wife and we are staying at the Portland Westin. We will not have a car, so would like a great meal, preferrably Italian near the Westin Hotel. Ideas?

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  1. You're right next to Pazzo.

    1. We had my parent's 50th wedding anniversary (with my San Francisco Chowhound brother) and my son's graduation dinner from Lewis and Clark at Pazzo. I recommend it for a great meal.

      1. You are about 4 blocks from the Streetcar line which is about 4 stops from Hoyt Street where you can have a very nice dinner at Giorgios, a beautiful small restaurant with understated professional service and very good food.
        You don't need a car in Portland, it is a very walkable city with streetcars that do a loop through town.
        1131 NW Hoyt St. & 11th Ave.)

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        1. re: pdxgirl

          Giorgio's is quite a bit more intimate than Pazzo. There's quite a few good Italian places in the Pearl district, but none as romantic as Giorgio's:
          -- Fratelli
          -- Piazza Italia
          -- Cafe Allora

          1. re: Nettie

            And if you're travelling to the Pearl, it's just as easy to stay on the streetcar and keep going to NW, where there are some other options, such as Mingo, Tuscany Grill, Serratto, and Basta's. (I would put them in that order for a romantic evening just based on the digs.)

        2. *Mingo, Tuscany Grill, Serratto, and Basta's.*

          In addition to Giorgios..Of these 4, I really like Serratto and Tuscany Grill and agree with xmsg that they are great options. We were unimpressed with Bastas, the place and the food. .but that could just be us.

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          1. re: pdxgirl

            I would rank those 4 as follows: Caffe Mingo, Bastas, Tuscany Grill, and Serratto. In my experience Caffe Mingo is the most consistent, but the fact that they don't take reservations kind fo sucks. In the past you could put your name on the last and go down to Serratto for a drink but since they're not owned by the same person anymore, I don't think that's an option. I've never been all that impressed with the food at Tuscany Grill and I think that the bar menu at Serratto is much stronger than the dinner menu.

            1. re: Kristi

              I rated them based on setting and food in combo. Basta's has the worst atmosphere of the four for a romantic night out, imo. The seats pad the pockets of PDX's chiropractors and the noise level can be horrendous. I didn't even realize Mingo didn't take reservations. I always go there near opening.