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Civic Center SF dinner

We are going to a concert at the Bill Graham on a Tuesday night. I'd like something in walking distance. Not too expensive and not too loud. We'll eat anything and prefer spicy-cocktails a plus; if not, wine and beer a must.

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    1. re: Jeff

      I second Soluna Cafe. Good presentation. Good risotto.

      1. re: Jeff

        I work at the court next door to Soluna and I can't recommend it. The service is pretty awful. The food confuses me. They throw one hundred awesome ingredients on each dish and somehow it all manages to taste mediocre. I don't know how they do that.

        1. re: HilaryAnn

          That's the Wolfgang Puck approach. Keep adding delicious ingredients until you've got too many.

        1. re: rootlesscosmo

          i've had some really amazing fish at hayes street grill. I'll second that.

        2. Soluna looks interesting. What if we are willing to walk a little further afield. Any reports on the new Wesfield (sp?) Center on 5th?

          With a 7:30 show, could we do Zuni at 5 or 5:30?

          Any ceviche suggestions in the area?

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          1. re: exboonie

            Destino is within walking distance and I believe from posts here that they have ceviche.
            I wouldn't walk to the new Westfield Center from Civic Center. The blocks are very unsavory. I always forget that, and how LONG the walk is. I walked from 9th and Market to the Warfield, when it was still fairly light out, with two friends, and felt very uncomfortable - much more so than I do heading to a restaurant in the Tenderloin. But of course everyone's feeling of what is unsavory is different.

            1. re: Meredith

              You could always hop on MUNI at Powell (right under Westfield Center) and ride one stop to Civic Center.

          2. Has anyone been to Laurel's Cuban on Oak street?

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            1. re: exboonie

              Yep, but not for about a year and never at show time, although I always thought it was a great location for a show. Except with mucking with their lunch menu, it's not a place that changes much.

              1. re: rworange

                Hate to be doubley negative in one thread, but I'd skip Laurel's. I've tried it twice, neither time was great. There are other, better places nearby.

                Paul K next door to Laurel's is great. Zuni is always a solid choice.

            2. It's not very good, but Trader Vic's does have inexpensive happy hour drinks and is right near there.

              1. Last few times I went there, we drove to Cav (my fav) or Bodega Bistro and then parked again in the Civic Center garage. The garage is so easy to park in that there is little reason to feel like you have to get there early and stay in the immediate vicinity. You could walk to Bodega Bistro if you want to, though. I don't really recommend any place that is real close unless you don't have any other option.

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                1. re: The Dive

                  Turtle tower is also great, just up from Bodega Bistro - those are my to favorites for Pho

                2. Unfortunately, Turtle Tower closes at 7:30 however.

                  A couple of stores up is Pagolac-- also great Vietnamese food. If you feel like Thai food, Mekong Delta is just a 10 minute walk from the Bill Graham and is one of my favorites.