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Sep 26, 2006 11:02 PM

Pittsburgh Restuarants

Going to Pittsburgh with daughters HS Crew team, and looking for ideas for Friday night . We're staying at the Radisson Hotel Pittsburgh Green Tree. Any ideas to get a taste of local flavor for a family of four.

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  1. I figure you can find a chain anywhere. This place is called Scoglio's. It is on rt. 50 about a ten minute drive from your motel without going onto the highways.

    This article is from a local "homer" paper, but it's not wrong.

    1. Scoglio's is in a sub of the city in a little center. If you want a good restaurant with a great view of the city, try Monterey Bay on Mt. Washington. It's on the same side of town as your motel, so it is also not so hard to get to.

      1. What kind of grub are you looking for? High-end or more family-style?

        There are the Pittsburgh classics: Primanti Brothers sandwiches (locations all over the Burgh & the Burbs), Tessaro's for the best burgers ever (in Bloomfield), Pamela's in Oakland or the Strip for breakfast. For dinner, I would recommend Lidia's for Italian, Kaya for caribbean/fusion, (both in the Strip), Mad Mex for Mexican (I believe there is one in Greentree). For high-end dining, the best I know of in the area are Vivo in Bellevue, Bona Terra in Sharpsburg, the Carlton downtown, and the Hyeholde (which is located inside a real castle built in the 1920's) in Moon Township near the airport.

        Edited because I forgot to mention Cafe Zao downtown for exquisite Portuguese cuisine.

        Hope this helps! Enjoy our beautiful city.

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          i am also going to the burgh at the end of October, and want to take my parents out for a fancy meal for their 60th anniversery.
          I know the low end, amazingly the same from my college days. But can you commnet more on the high end places?

          1. re: DrT

            If you want all the bells and whistles and sparkles and spangles, go up on Mt. Washington to LaMont, Tin Angel, Monterey Bay. If you want wonderful meals a little more low keyed, check out Le Pommier or Cafe Allegro in the South Side. As Greyhound grrl mentioned, Hyeholde in Moon Township near the airport is High End.

            Not to be a smarmy, but you might want to mention any difficulty with stairs when you call around. For example, the Tin Angel has a main floor at street level and another dining room one floor down. Both floors have wonderful views. But the rest rooms are one floor UP from the main floor. Monterey Bay has several levels in the main dining room and the rest rooms are down stairs, but they have a stair chair to get down there.

            1. re: DrT

              60th anniversary... I'd guess they'd probably like LaMont more than any of the other places. Maybe it's no longer the best in town, but it's probably still the best place to have a 60th anniversary. If you go there, just be sure to tell the maitre'd about the occasion. With luck you'll get Angel at your table.

          2. Yes, in the Burgh you can always count on a sandwich at Primanti's and fries at the Dirty O. (Oh, those fries!! Why are they so tasty??)

            As for the high-end places:
            1. Cafe Zao- My husband is of Portuguese descent and grew up on caldo verde and linguica, so we are prejudiced, but I think this is one of the best restaurants in the city. The wine list leans heavily towards the Portuguese, which means they have some excellent values. What Tony Pais does with bacalao is remarkable.

            2. Bona Terra-- never had a bad meal or service here. Simple, classic cuisine with a twist. Here's the Post Gazette review:
            It is BYOB, as are so many PA restaurants due to our Draconian liquor laws, but it's easy enough to pick up a couple of good bottles to bring along. I don't remember them charging corkage, either.

            3. Vivo-- located in Bellevue, just north of the city line off of Ohio River Blvd aka Route 65. Tiny, tiny tiny. The owner is the chef (a native of Abruzzi) and his wife the pastry chef, his daughters and nieces the waitresses. I had a venison osso buco there that actually smelled so good that my husband tried bone marrow (he had been resistant to it in such places as Aureole in NYC and No 9 Park in Boston). Make sure you get the (illegal, since Bellevue is technically a dry township) limoncello with dessert. It is also BYOB for the same reason, but corkage is minimal. Everything from the salads to the meats are locally sourced and delicious.

            Honestly though, if I was going to take my folks out for such an anniversary, I would take them to the Hyeholde. ( The food is uniformly excellent, but it is really the atmosphere that makes it memorable. I guarantee that if you mention that it is your parents' 60th when you make the reservation, they will do something special for you.

            1. Went there (Scoglios) lastnight for dinner with my wife and kids.

              The cheese that they use was so salty that the kid's pizza was inedible. My wife had to scrap the cheese off the food she had too, in order to eat it.

              The owner agreed that the cheese had problems and said that they would talk to their supplier - but they still left all the food on the bill - pennywise!!

              Won't be going back.

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              1. re: rhertz123

                I'm so sorry to hear this since I put my name on the place. But I have to ask, did you go to the Scoglio's on Rt 50 in Heidelberg? We were there on Friday and my chicken pastina soup, pear salad, and veal brasciole stuffed with sausage were full of flavor and my wife's fish was tasty. They also have taken over the former Rotelli's across the parking lot, but I haven't been there, yet. There is also their former restaurant at the Pointe which still has the same name. It all makes for a lot of confusion. Still, I'm sorry to hear you report.