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Sep 26, 2006 11:01 PM

San Diego Malasada hunt

Anyone know of a place to get Malasada's in San Diego. I used to eat them in Oahu at a place called Agnes Portuguese Bakery and then of course there are the famouse Leonard's Malasadas there also. Any ideas - its been a few years and I'm craving them.

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  1. I know of two places. Portugalia in Ocean Beach on Newport one block west of Sunset Cliffs served them for dessert at one point. Not sure if they still do.

    The other place is a strange little bakery/cafe on Mission Gorge Rd about a block North past Zion. It's next to Emilio's Mexican restaurant and the only way into the parking lot is from the West side of the street. If you're going North on Mission Gorge you have to pass Zion and go up to the next stop light, hang a "U" turn and then turn into the parking lot just past Emilios. It's a small strip shopping center and the ingress is just awful.

    I have had the malasadas at Portugalia and they were okay, not spectacularly great. I have not had them at the bakery who's name I can not remember (tho' I think it's something like Creme de la Creme).

    You might also check Kirk K's blog mmm-yso. Kirk's an ex-patriated Island Boy and probably has a pretty good idea about where to find a good malasada in SD