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Sep 26, 2006 10:44 PM

More 'Latest Posts'

I love this feature off the home page, but the topics come and go so quickly, I can't always get a chance to respond to one before a new set flies in. I don't see a 'more' link, so do they just appear briefly and fly off into their respective topic areas?

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  1. I love "latest posts," too. If you want more, you might just try "hot posts."


    1. I agree, they go too fast! I get intrigued by one topic and by the time I get back, another I am interested in is gone.
      Thanks for bringing this up. What I do like about this feature is that it takes me to boards I may not usually venture to.
      Is there a way to slow down the changes? Again, thanks.

      1. As TQQ suggested, you might just want to use this as your bookmark for Chowhound

        I believe the posts update as they come in to the site. At a slow time of day you won't have as many comign in but in a busy period, posts will leave quickly. Hot Posts only updates when you tell it to.

        1. Appreciate the 'hot posts' point; I hadn't realized that's what it's there for.

          The only thing it makes me wonder is, then, what's the Home page of Chowhound for?

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