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Sep 26, 2006 10:40 PM

Last of this season's Kyoho grapes

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Get your Kyoho grapes before they disappear. The vendor at my local UC Irvine farmer’s market tells me this Saturday will close out her season, and they won’t be back until next July.

Kyohos are one of Asia’s most popular table grapes. With its high sugar content and distinctively strong flavor, they almost taste artificially enhanced by some flavor scientists’ mad experiments. They resemble Concord grapes in their large size and thick skin. Some describe them as tasting like Concord grape jelly, but to me, they taste more like Japanese grape flavored beverages or candy. To each his cultural reference, I guess.

Park’s Vineyard grows them on their Temecula property about two hours’ drive south of Los Angeles. If you miss out on local kyohos, you’ll see imported Chilean kyohos next spring.

Park’s Vineyard also sells them at the Santa Monica farmer’s market on Pico Blvd and Centinela. Both the Santa Monica market and the one at UC Irvine are held on Saturday mornings, and I suspect their booths will sell out by noon time. Look for this banner, and don’t show up late.

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  1. Park's had been showing up at the Sunday Beverly Hills market but he was gone this week--a different grape vendor had some other dark varieties but no more Kyohos.

    We will miss them--they were fantastic, we were buying a pound or two every week. To add to the multiple cultural references, they reminded me of an improved, fresh-tasting take on Manischewitz Kosher wine.

    I did see California Kyohos (presumably non-organic, although I didn't ask) for sale at Nijiya Market on Sawtelle today--$4 for a 2 pound container.

    1. They were also selling them at the Pasadena farmer's market (Saturdays). I didn't know what they were and neither, it seemed, did anyone else because the guy looked awfully lonely all by himself at his booth.

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      1. re: ChineseChou

        That's funny, whenever I go, he always seems to have people milling around.

        1. re: WildSwede

          And a beautiful display of iced grapes. He definitely sells out every week, as I found out to my dismay.

      2. Also Studio City FM (Sundays)... but I don't like them, they taste like grape jelly to me, and I'm not a big fan of grape jelly.

        1. The new 1 6 8 Market in Alhambra (formerly Von's, Valley @ New Ave) has them in four pound trays.

          1. The Hollywood Farmer's Market on Sundays has a stand, but she said this Sunday is her last week of the season.