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Sep 26, 2006 10:36 PM

Monday Night Specials??

Hi everyone,
Anyone familiar with any downtown restaurants having Monday night specials of some sort?? I know Marché has half off wines that night.....
Anything else out there??


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  1. Actually, Marche has a $25 prix fixe deal on Mondays, any starter, any entree, any dessert for $25. I believe La Sardine does 1/2 price wines on Mondays, and a 3-course $25 prix fixe on Tuesdays.

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    1. re: YoYoPedro

      That is correct regarding La Sardine - 1/2 price bottles on Monday and $25 Prix Fixe on Tues. I find La Sardine much better than Marche. Certainly a far more authentic French Bistro, but the food is far superior on any level. Same owners as Le Bouchon in Bucktown. Its only a few blocks SW from Marche in the west loop.

      1. re: wak

        To each their own, I guess. I find the food to be about equal in terms of quality, although I wish Marche offered sweetbreads, as La Sardine does. In terms of "authentic French bistro", they're both Chicago restaurants, so either one is a poseur if they are trying to be an "authentic French bistro". I personally enjoy Jerry Kleiner's sense of design. I find his use of assymetrical shapes and frenetic color combinations refreshing and invigorating, and I think Paul Wildermuth is an excellent chef. I think for an "authentic French bistro" vibe in Chicago, Bistrot Zinc reminds me of old haunts of mine in Paris far more than La Sardine or Le Bouchon. Le Bouchon was full of Bucktown lawyer/yuppie types every time I've been there, and La Sardine was practically empty each time I've been there. BTW, Bistrot Zinc has a $25 "Anniversary" GC that has been circulating endlessly to take the sting out of the check a little. Had an excellent hanger steak there last week.

    2. search thru metromix's monday specials like this:

      it'll give you a LOT more ideas.