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Sep 26, 2006 10:32 PM

Fallfest 2006 - Oct 7

Just noticed that Fallfest is the same weekend my folks are coming to town. Was wondering if all you good hounds think this event is worth taking them to? At $65/head we could opt for a nice meal out somewhere instead, so I'm not so sure.

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  1. Well, you won't find many of us chowhounds there, because that's also the date of the annual chowhound picnic. Only $10 and I can guarantee the food is good and the company is better.

    1. that's right. i totally forgot. wonder if i shold take my folks to the picnic... i really wanted to go to that, but not sure if they'd be into it.

      1. Although I haven't been to FallFest, it's my experience that these sort of events have a "rushed" feeling. You feel like you need to eat as much as possible to "get your money's worth," there's very little seating available so you eat standing up, you spend a long time waiting in line for the good stands (which you resent because time=food=money), etc. This is not to say that the events aren't worthwhile, it can be loads of fun to stuff a huge variety of fine food and wine down your gullet. However, if my parents were visiting I'd drop the 75 bucks a head at a nice restaurant and have a relaxing, leisurely meal where I get to sit down.

        1. It's a benefit for Meals on Wheels.