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Sep 26, 2006 10:23 PM

Pretty Brazilian condiments?

There are a few Brazilian markets near me that have the prettiest bottles filled with tiny peppers, corn and other items. Like this:

The whole article

Ok, maybe not as pretty as above, but more like this

Language is a stumbling block about getting info about how to use these.

So any clue about how to eat this stuff? Any recs for some good bottles to try from Brazilian groceries?

How about books or websites with more info. I'm striking out in my googling. However here's a gratuitious cool article about Amazonian food, the results of one of my search attempts.

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  1. I travelled extensively many years ago thru Amazonia, from southern Venezuela all the way south to, say, Brasilia. Further south the country changes considerably for the better, as far as customs, foods, living conditions & so on. The bottled peppers in your illustrations are fairly typical of the entire region. I haven't seen them for sale in the US though. As far as chowhoundness goes, let me tell you this: Amazonia is extraordinarily poor. You'll see people eating mostly stewed roots, platanos, feijoada ( stewed bad quality meats, rice, beans, manioco). Not much to write home about. Again, I'm talking Amazonia here, not Brazil as a whole, in particular the south, which is an entirely different story.

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      So, how do these get eaten? To pep up roots? Stewed in feijoada?

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        Good question. I'd use them to accompany pretty much anything, but fact of the matter is, people down there don't eat much hot stuff.

    2. Ok, so I finally tried these little peppers at a Brazilian pizza joint and they are really tasty. Brazilians add them to anything like beans, rice, corn, etc. Which makes sense because some Brazilian food can be pretty bland. These little peppers give dishes a little flavor kick, so to speak.

      They are called pimenta and there are all different varieties.

      I bought two bottles today that I haven't tried yet
      - yellow round Pimenta Artesã Cerrado Goiano
      - red skinny Pimenta Malagueta which seem to be the most common

      Some other common ones at the local Brazilian markets
      Pimenta Baiana Cepêra
      Pimenta Baiana Faisca

      If nothing else, they look pretty on a shelf. In fact when different varieties are layered in a bottle they are called Pimenta Decorativa

      Will report back when I try some more of these.