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Sep 26, 2006 10:16 PM

need new roasting pan

What is the best roasting pan to get? Need one for roasting rib roast or turkey or filet mignon, etc. What are the pros and cons of different materials? Which is best??

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  1. I like my all clad- it has a non-stick calphalon-like surface so it's an easy clean, and it's very heavy so it doesn't warp. I was using a Le Creuset before that, and liked it as well, but it was harder to clean, although I see the new Creusts are black inside, so the enamel won't show staining.

    1. I like my All-Clad too. It isn't big enough for a really big turkey or goose, or something like lasagna for a whole lot of people, so I also have a bigger one, Chicago Metallics I think--not as handsome and more troublesome to clean, but a useful backup when the All-Clad is too small.

      1. I,m in the same boat but the non stick isnt as good for deglazing on top of the stove. Also all clad is out of my price range

        1. I find that a mid priced pan, supplemented with a good rack, does nicely. I bought a collapsing v-rack at Sur La Table (I think it was calphalon) and I use it with my cheap macy's b onought pan. I think I got it for $10 on sale. It's Tools of the Trade, 18/10 stainless steel, and I've been happy with it for a few years. My only gripe is the slightly flimsy metal handles. The all clad's handles on it Roti style roaster are great, but for $10, I'll deal with it.

          1. roasting pans are reviewed in the current issue (october/november 2006, page 38) of "fine cooking," though the article is not accessible via their site, unfortunately.

            the editor at large writes that these pans (under $275) "distinguished themselves as the best of the best:"

            mauviel cook style


            sur la table



            (that said, i have kind of an "el cheapo" pan that's really served me well for the past several years.)