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Sep 26, 2006 10:13 PM

Essential Cape Cod Road Food?

Driving the entire Cape this weekend. Where are the best downscale eateries (bakeries, donuts, hot dogs, burgers, etc.)?

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  1. Bonat's Bakery in Harwich on Rte 28 has nice baked goods. A new biscoti joint behind the Post office in Dennis Vllage on 6A has luscious Italian pastry and cookies. Most good low-brow fare roadside stands, are closed for the season but a few diamonds in the rough can be found. Try the Osterville 2 fish market at the Millway marina in Barnstable Harbor for decent fried food on the cheap. Get it to go if the day is nice and go 400 feet down the road to the beach. Decent and cheap Mexican takeout in Brewster near the General Store also on 6A. Another cheap lunch...think burgers or pastrami sandwiches, loaded with local color, is the Land Ho in Orleans as you head down Cape. Plenty of good options in Ptown but it's not my area so I'll defer to a 'down-Caper'. Good eating!

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      Clem and Ursies on Shankpainter rd
      Mojo's on Ryder st near the wharf
      both in Ptown

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        Clem's lloks GREAT. Will go there. Thanks.

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          A highly recommended (and expensive) restaurant to stay away from is Chillingsworth on Cape Cod.Four of us became ill after the meal.When we wrote about it to the owners, they never eeven responded to our letters

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            At $60-80 Prix Fixe per head, plus wine, Chillingsworth hardly qualifies as road food. And yet, skipping it is excellent advice.

    2. The Bee-Hive Tavern in east Sandwich on 6A is not fully downscale, but it's great. Great traditional (that is, light, not thickened with crap; many people, though, prefer thick crap) chowder and famed for its baked goods.

      1. Road much on Cape Cod...I will focus on the mid Cape that I know.

        Buckies Biscotti behind the Dennis PO on 6A as mentioned has been around for years. Their new spot on 28 near the Factory Shoe Outlet is larger. Great Biscotti. Next to the original Buckies is the Mercantile. Generous and delicious sandwiches and baked goods. Jack's Outback is near Inaho (best Japanese on the Cape) on 6 AM in Yarmouthport. Rachel Raye featured this restaurant. I don't love it but some enjoy the breakfasts there. Next door is Hallet's, an old fashioned soda fountain shop.

        1. Not sure if it counts as Cape Cod, but Butler's Colonial Doughnuts (461 Sanford Rd., Westport, MA, (508) 672-4600) is pretty damn good. (See: )

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            Westport is definitely not Cape Cod.

          2. Not only for the various berry pies (excellent) but the Kale Soup (a regional specialty), and heavens the clam pie...Marion's Pie Shop, 2022 Rte. 28, Chatham, 508-432-9439

            And heavens all these posts and not a one has mentioned Kreme n' Kone in Dennis; of course there's also Captain Frosty's on 6A in Dennis, near the Yarmouth town line--the ice cream, clams and onion rings are worth is the lobster roll.

            Bonati's is excellent for breakfast and baked goods. And if you cook or bake stop at the Atlantic Spice Company in No Turo--reasonably prices tea and spices.