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Pumpkin everything....That time of the year!

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Seeking recommendations for great pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, soup, etc. Anything pumpkin!

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  1. I just bought the pumpkin bread/muffin mix from Trader Joes for a few bucks and it was delish. To keep this post on topic, I'll mention that Mimi's Cafe usually has some pretty good pumpkin pancakes this time of year.

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      I'm familiar with those, thanks for the reminder.

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        I was going to suggest the pumpkin pancakes at Mimi's! My sister ordered them this past weekend and took a couple of bites. They're pretty tasty especially with the apples that come on top of them.

      2. Sometime around this time of year, Bennett's in the Farmer's Market will do pumpkin ice cream which is one of my favorites.

        1. Okay... I did this one last year. Here's the list of Pumpkin dishes I sampled:

          Fritto Misto's Pumpkin Ravioli in sage cream sauce (not bad, but leaves much to be desired)
          Pumpkin Curry at Chandni (eh...)
          Pumpkin pastry at Amandine (tooo sweet!)
          Buffalo Bill's Pumpkin Ale (it's better this year, Pyramid took over the contract)
          Monastery of the Angels Pumpkin Bread (it was a little too fluffy and generic)
          Double Rainbow Pumpkin Ice Cream (very nice, very spicy)
          Dr. Bob's Pumpkin Ice Cream (the carton I got may have been very old... not so good)
          Coldstone Pumpkin Patch Ice Cream Sundae (like the concept, in execution the blend-ins are better than the pumpkin base)
          Yashima Pumpkin Salad (eh, again...)
          Griddle Cafe Pumpkin Pancakes (these are unbelievably decadent, with a whole can of pumpkin pie filling on the top... best to share!)
          John O'Groats Pumpkin Pancakes (not bad, not enough pumpkin)
          Jinky's Pumpkin Almond Pancakes (also not bad, but muted pumpkin flavor)
          Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale (not good...)
          Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale (Yuck... we really need to get Dogfish Head on the West Coast)
          Luggatti’s Italian Grill Huntington Beach Pumpkin Ravioli (the best of these I've tried)
          Pumpkin macarons at Boule (these are only available when they're in the mood to make them)
          Thai Nakorn's pumpkin custard (terrific, but muted pumpkin flavor)
          Pumpkin Curry at Busaba Thai (so very good)
          Jack in the Box Pumpkin Shake (surprisingly good, honestly)
          Pumpkin Tamales at Gallego's (very good stuff)
          Pumpkin Tamales at Mother's Market Costa Mesa (not as good, but still pumpkiny!)
          Baskin Robbin's Pumpkin Ice Cream (Pretty lame)

          Go forth and forage for rich pumpkiny goodness!

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            Great list...where do I find Double Rainbow ice cream?? Thank you!

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              Double Rainbow is a Bay Area ice-creamery, they stock it in most Trader Joe's locations. Pumpkin is one of their most popular flavors, but it rarely comes out before October 15th... get it while it's cold.

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                Trader Joe's nationwide carries Double Rainbow, lucky for us, but this year they haven't started selling the Pumpkin one yet. I wonder why they're behind?

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                  No Double Rainbow Pumpkin this year at all according to two different westside locations. They don't know why, but it's definitely not coming in.

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                I think there is a Double Rainbow in WLA somewhere... Let me check... I used to go there when I lived on the West Side.

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                  It used to be on Westwood just past Santa Monica Blvd., but it was closed and a Starbucks moved in at least five years ago. Sorry. There are no Double Rainbow locations in Los Angeles anymore.

                  The Pumpkin pints should start showing up in Trader Joe's midmonth, though. Last year they were late with their shipment... which meant they stayed in stock into the New Year.

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                    Not LA, but there's on on State Street in Santa Barbara.

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                This is amazing! Did you do all this in one day? The holiday is a short one...I am serious: over what period of time did you accomplish this wondrous feat?

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                  It's possible to get most of these from September through November. My wife and I indulge in a pumpkin orgy virtually every year.

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                  I'll second the pumpkin raviolis at Lugatti's - they're heavenly! Another don't miss item is the pumpkin pie at the Filling Station in Orange. It's outrageously good.

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                    Awesome LIST!!! I do love those Gallegos Pumpkin Tamales... YUM!!!!!!!

                    I also have to put in a plug for my favorite pumpkin thing... Baked Pumpkin drizzled with Clove spiked saramel. One of my favorite desserts ever and you can get them fresh at El Mercado in ELA... :)


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                      We kicked off the festive pumpkin season on Friday with a multicultural pumpkin feast of Pumpkin Curry from Busaba Thai, Gallego's Pumpkin Tamales, and Frito Misto Pumpkin Ravioli.

                      We had three couples convening from three parts of town with their pumpkin delicacies. It was all washed down with a selection of Buffalo Bill's, Shipyard, and Blue Moon Pumpkin ales.

                      If the Double Rainbow had hit the shelves it would have made a perfect foil for the warm, heavily spiced, pumpkin tamales... but alas, it's late again this year. We probably won't see it at Trader Joe's until Thanksgiving.

                      Thanks again to Ollie for reminding us that the festive season had arrived!

                  2. Pumpkin cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory always puts a smile on my face....

                    How funny, Dr. Bob was my Wine & Spirits professor back in college. I only knew of his chocolate flavors.

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                      About two years ago I had an awesome pumpkin shake at Fry's Electronic store in City of Industry. It was completely memorable. I called them last year at this time and they said they didn't have it but a lot of people had been calling and asking about it. Guess I wasn't the only one... I'll be checking there again several times this season just in case!!!

                    2. i'll second the rec for CF's pumpkin cheesecake.

                      also, williams-sonoma sells a great pumpkin bread mix for the bread machine.

                      1. The one thing I was not impressed with was a pumpkin tamale from Whole Foods...it was at least 50% raisins. Bummer.

                        1. Josie makes a great pumpkin pie. They also make a pumkin cake, which is all-the-rage over there. Not the biggest fan of that, though. I prefer the pumpkin pie much more.

                          1. I love pumpkin too. I like Rutabegorz’s pumpkin cookie. It’s huge. Fosselman’s also has pumpkin ice cream. And I don’t know if I shall be banned now that I’m mentioning chain places but my friend bought me Panera’s pumpkin muffin tops and they were really good. William Sonoma’s pumpkin butter is yummy but I also like Trades Joes as well. WS also serves pumpkin pancake/waffle mix.

                            1. Pumpkin pancakes at Bake & Broil in Long Beach are excellent.

                              1. Iced Pumpkin lattes are usually in season at Diedrich's and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

                                1. might get bumped since it's a chain, but i love the pumpkin cream cheese muffins at Starbuck's. they may be too sweet for many people, but i can't get enough of them.

                                  1. Pumpkin raviolis at ZUCCA.

                                    Pumpkin ice cream at FOSSELMAN'S

                                    Pumpkin bread at JULIENNE

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                                      Fosselman's pumpkin ice cream has to be at least ONE of the best anywhere. Also, the gelato place (whose name I can never remember) at One Colorado in Pasadena Old Town has an excellent pumpkin gelato.

                                    2. Ooh, yeah, pumpkin lattes at Deidrichs are great. Though (nobody hate me) the pumpkin blended at "Big Green" is better than other chains, IMHO.

                                      1. The best pumpkin pie is Al Gelato's, almost nothing but PURE pumpkin essence and tons of it.

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                                          oooh didn't know al gelato has pumpkin pie, thanks for the heads up!

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                                            Yes, it's a deep dish one... ask for the whipped cream too... Hmmm...

                                            But for an even better monster pumpkin pie, the Filling Station in Old Town Orange gets the prize... the taste and crust are out of this world...


                                        2. I like the pumpkin-chicken lasagna at Maria's (an Italian chain). I'm not sure when they have it, but it is very good. I even re-created my own version at home based upon theirs. Enjoy!

                                          1. The pumpkin ice cream that Mashti Malone's is serving right now is absolutely heavenly. Very pumpkiny, with ample spice, but not overpowering. You can immediately tell that you're eating a fresh, natural masterpiece. That man knows flavors.

                                            1. ok, pumpkin ravioli at Mi Piace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its in old town pasadena.

                                              1. I am pumpkin OBSESSED, and most of the bests are covered here, but by all means, go to Zucca (it means Pumpkin in Italian) and have the Pizza di Zucca. Pumkpin pizza with goat cheese, ham, onions - AWESOME! :)

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                                                1. I'm surprised nobody mentioned the Pumpkin Pancake mix at Williams-Sonoma. Simply delightful. And, IMO, better than the pumpkin pancakes at Griddle Cafe.

                                                  1. RUN to Urrth cafe for their amazing pumpkin pie. Most intense but balanced pumpkin flavor I've ever tried, and I love the gingersnap crust. And the portion is HUGE.

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                                                      I second the pumpkin pie from Urth cafe - the real whip cream is a bonus! I just had it for the first time a couple weeks ago and I wish I lived closer to one of their locations. Does anyone know if Urth carries it year round?

                                                      I actually live right behind a Marie Callendars so I have been fulfilling my pumpkin pie cravings through their $5.99 pie sale. After that's over (end of the month), I see myself trekking over to Urth. My husband actually prefers Mari Callendars because Urth's is too authentic tasting which he's not used to. Also, Whole Foods carries the Sugar Plum Fairy brand pumpkin pie which is a good standard.

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                                                        Leon-- my first introduction to the pie was when my friend ordered it sometime in... early September? may have even been late August of this year. at any rate, I myself was surprised that they had it (not in the window display though, it magically appeared from the kitchen) so i'd say that's a good indication that it might be found year round??

                                                        1. re: amandine

                                                          It is available all year and as far as prices go, sometimes they have it (by the slice) on "bake sale" for half-off!

                                                      2. re: amandine

                                                        Do you happen to know how much a WHOLE Pumpkin Pie might run from Urth? I love the idea of Gingersnap Crust! :)


                                                        1. re: Dommy

                                                          Eleven hundred dollars, I'm assuming, given the prices of most other things at Urth.

                                                          1. re: Das Ubergeek

                                                            ROTFL!!! That is why I had to ask here. I didn't want to be rude and ask the poor minimum wage check out slave what it costs only to end up laughing in the poor guys face... LOL!!!


                                                            1. re: Dommy

                                                              i would guess close to $40? aren't the cheesecakes at CF around $30? so then i'd imagine urrth to be about 40.

                                                              be a good chowie and ask for us?? (simultaneously pinching yourself while waiting for the answer should help stifle your laughter)

                                                            2. re: Das Ubergeek

                                                              urth is so very overrated, at least corral tree has decent food. and the whipped cream at urth is the fake, canister inspired kind.

                                                              1. re: kevin

                                                                I'd love an update on Urth Cafe Pumpkin pie please. In 2002 I lived nearby the W. Hollywood cafe and became addicted, it was phenomenol and the whip cream was, indeed very real. I moved far far away, but when I had it a few years later it was. . . . not so good. . .either at the orig or the Beverly Hills place. It seemed like all the desserts had become. . . really average. . .was it just me remembering them better than in 2002, or did expanding beyond the original kind of result in loss of deliciousness??? Please update me.

                                                        2. homemade pumpkin cheesecake with a pecan, gingersnap crust

                                                          1. Mimi's Cafe (chain) is now serving pumpkin pancakes and Bigg Chill frozen yougurt has pumpkin fro yo several times a month.

                                                            1. I like the pumpkin bread at Monastery of the Angels. They also have great hand-made candies.

                                                              Monastery Of The Angels
                                                              1977 Carmen Ave, North of Franklin
                                                              Los Angeles 90068


                                                              1. I had the pumpkin gelato at Spitz in Eagle Rock...it was Gelato Classico and REALLY GOOD.

                                                                1. Costco has a pumpkin cobbler mix (two in a box) that I made this past weekend and it was very good.

                                                                  Everything you need is included except a little butter that is drizzled on the top (and water, of course).

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                                                                    Would anyone know where to buy this? I too bought a box and loved it but I neglected to note the brand and Costco discontinued carrying it soon after I bought my box.

                                                                  2. Sometimes at Geisha House they have pumpkin creme brulee but it needs to a asked. It is served with whip cream and a cookie. Yummy.

                                                                    1. I just had a bagel with Pumpkin Cheesecake cream cheese from Noah's. SO good.

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                                                                        Oh yeah- I let myself have that pumpkin cream cheese once a year because it is indulegent but awesome. Tastes like cheesecake on a bagel.

                                                                      2. Missed this thread before
                                                                        Try the shrimp and pumpkin dumplings at 101 noodle express, valley blvd just w of New on the south side of the street.

                                                                        1. Kabocha is pretty much a pumpkin, but the flavor is concentrated and the flesh more substantial. If I see Kabocha __________ at a restaurant, I'll usually order it.

                                                                          I was at M Cafe de Chaya last week, a place that offers a lot of macrobiotic, vegetarian and vegan choices, and ordered their Kabocha croquettes - very good and healthy to boot. I hate places like this - makes my vegan sister's argument that, vegan food can be very good food, even stronger... :)

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                                                                            Daisy Mint has a delicious panang prepared with kabocha squash. Mmmmm...

                                                                          2. I had a really great Pumpkin Punk Tart (a homemade poptart) at Fred 62, but they dont have pumpkin all the time.

                                                                            I would call before heading out there


                                                                            1. Kroger stores will start carrying Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins soon. Like they can't find canned pumpkin for the rest of the year. Like they actually need fresh pumpkin with all those preservatives. Sigh.

                                                                              Anyone have a recipe?

                                                                              1. Organic Kabocha bought at Nijiya (or similar Japanese market) can be made into any number of delicious (and easy) dishes. No peeling required.
                                                                                At its simplest, you can steam the whole thing, cut in half, scoop out the seeds and cut in pieces. You can stop here and have a quick snack with some hawaian salt sprinkled on.
                                                                                Or you can simmer in dashi (which means you steamed it just enough to cut, but the flesh is still crunchy) and related flavorings (sake, mirin, shiro shoyu), then serve with black sesame on top (kuro goma) for dramatic contrast.
                                                                                Any decent Japanese cookbook will have variations more sophisticated than this.
                                                                                The point is that it's easy (and cheap) to cook kabocha, which for me is by far the best tasting pumpkin around

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                                                                                  I've braised kabocha with buta kukuni with nice results. The pork belly is still the king of the pot, but the kabocha isn't far behind...

                                                                                2. My housemate will soon have a pick your own pumpkin patch in La Habra Heights. I will post details when I get them.

                                                                                  1. Since TJs stopped carrying Double Rainbow Pumpkin Ice Cream a few years ago (and according to my local TJ manager, they will not be carrying it this year)...where can I find it in SoCal...or do I have to make a trip up to the Bay Area with a cooler and dry ice?

                                                                                    1. Pumpkin quark is available at the SaMo farmer's market right now. I bought some yesterday and it tastes like the filling for pumpkin cheesecake. mmm....

                                                                                      1. Beard Papa's -- the one next to Nijiya Market on Sawtelle in West LA -- had pumpkin filling last night, along with a couple of other flavors that are regularly on their menu. I didn't taste it, but I suppose they will offer it at least through the end of this month.

                                                                                        1. Whole Foods and Bevmo (at least the ones in Pasadena) both carry Dogfish Head's Punkin Ale.

                                                                                          1. Older post, but it IS that time of year again.

                                                                                            The pumpkin cream puff at Beard Papa's is really, really good. I got mine at the Sawtelle location.

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                                                                                            1. re: J.L.

                                                                                              Oooooh, J.L., it sounds good! Now I'm sorry we walked on by!

                                                                                            2. If yur into goat cheese, Europane has a really lovely pumpkin quiche with goat cheese right now (Kabocha). Light, fluffy, delicate flavor. I'm not into goat cheese but, if I were, I'd surely love this. Also came in mushroom/cheese. (I ordered it w/o asking about the cheese)

                                                                                              When I lived in Japan, Kabocha was cooked w/soy sauce and sweet Mirin (rice wine) then sliced and eaten cold. Another version is to make a mixture of egg (maybe 2), a little soy sauce, and a little Mirin then pour into a halved and cleaned Kabocha. Steam halves until Kabocha was soft and egg was cooked. Cool and quarter slice. YUM!

                                                                                              Last, saw Dreyers Pumpkin Ice Cream at Stater Bros. last week.