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Sep 26, 2006 09:28 PM

Dongpo Pork?

I've been reading about this Chinese take on pork bellies and it sounds pretty amazing. Anybody know where it's served around town? What about other Chinese takes on bellies?

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  1. What exactly is it? I'm having a hard time trying to translate "dongpo," can you describe it a little bit more? What kind of Chinese cuisine does it belong to?

    1. I can't help too much, and I have eaten it.
      It is a specialty of Hangzhou.
      The pork belly to my recollection was very crispy on the outside.
      Very fatty and very tasty.
      Lai Wah Heen have dishes from Hangzhou on their menu.
      You could give them a call.
      I think the proper name is "dong po rou".

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        The name "Dongpo" comes from the medieval Chinese Poet, who was called Su Dongpo. The Chinese name for the dish is Dongpo Rou, where 'rou' means pork, if 'rou' is not specified with another animal name - niurou is beef, jirou chicken.

        Dongpo Rou is usually served as a 2" inch cube of bacon(?) pork in an individual clay lidded pot. It has been braised FOREVER with soy and sugar and spices. Yes, it is very fatty, and those not used to Chinese cooking might not like that the soft-stewed skin is still on the cube too. The meat breaks apart easily and is tender. The fatty layers between the meat is soft and jiucy.

        Tricky to eat with chopsticks - it is just too tender. The best thing is to bring the pot closer to your mouth and see if that helps you deftly slip a mouthful.

        Fot those who like fattier pork, this is amazing stuff.

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          Su Dongpo wrote a poem about it, sometime around the year 1100. The poem includes the recipe, making it one of the oldest written recipes around.

      2. It is more of a northern chinese dish. You can get it at Asian Legend if I recall correctly. They don't do the claypot but it is pretty good...not as melting as some of the other versions I have had but passable.

        They might have it at the resto on Hwy 7 between Bayview and John. Yeah, yeah...that's like saying it, "It's in korean resto on Yonge." I can't remember for the life of me the name of the resto but it is the small place in the mall that Fisherman's Delight is in. It's the family run place that only opens for lunch now (at least last I heard) and is pretty strict about waiting and all that. They serve the noodles made of mince fish and dough.

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          The resto is called Delicious Restaurant "Whole Ching Hang". Their famous dish is Xiamen fish noodle, but Xiamen is in southern china.

          I do not recall they have DongPo Pork there. Yes, that restaurant only open like 2 hour a day at lunch hour. The sevice is super poor and line up is long, not sure if this is the case anymore as I have not been there for a year. I still do not understand why people are so crazy about the food there.
          It is like my wife loves their "Ginger chicken wing in sizzling hot pot".

        2. Dongpo Pork with Gua Bao (steam bun with a opening in the middle, you can sort of see it in the link provided: is the best thing you can get!!! However, I have never seen any restaurant serving both of them together. I know T&T has DongPo pork all the time in the prepared food section. Sometimes you can also find the Gua Bao at the Bakery section. mmmmmm......... so good

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            i've seen the item in the picture with less preserved pickle at a bakery on Dundas. Can't remember the name but it's a bakery on the southside, east of spadina. you have to go up some stairs as it's not on ground level and they have them wrapped on a steamer thing near the cash register. This was in winter so i'm not sure if they have them now.
            Didn't know what it was at the time but it was really tasty.

          2. There is a very very slim chance that you will find Guo Bao and DongPo Pork in the same restaurant beacause Guo Bao is a Taiwanese dish whereas DongPo Pork is Hangzhou dish (China).

            However, Hangzhou is very close to Shanghai, so you will find a lots of good DongPo Pork if you visit Shanghai in Mainland china and in fact many Shanghai restaurants serves DongPo Pork.

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            1. re: skylineR33

              One a 'one-night stand' in TO, my hosts took me to Asian Legend, where I promptly ordered "braised pork 'Dong Po' " In fact, unlike many versions, this one was red-cooked. I think it was awfully good: the fat was really silky, and made the rice exquisite. :) Also some what non-traditionally, they served mei ching choi, baby bok choy, as the veg, instead of what I take to be the more common broccoli.

              You can't find this in Montreal, where I eat most of the time. So count yourselves lucky, TO-ians!


              1. re: galeg

                Sounds like the pork belly I had at the Granite Club--was with sea scallops and was sublime.