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Sep 26, 2006 09:25 PM

Original Fish Co., Los Alamitos

I thought I had never heard of this place, but now have a vague memory of a lunch there some years ago. If that was the place, my memory is that the food and ambience were dull, the food so mediocre, and it all made me feel depressed. Will likely be going there again (not by choice). Should I brace myself for an Olive Garden-esque esperience, or is it actually a decent and possibly good place to eat now? The menu on their website looks different from what I remember from years ago.

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  1. Your memory is totally messed up. This is one of the best seafood places in Southern California. Food is great, if a bit pricey, and there is always a long wait, but worth it. I live pretty far away, so I only go for special occasions ow, but it's always a treat. Their manhattan clam chowder is the best I've ever had.

    It's so unlike the Olive Garden! Be prepared for a treat, and if you get there between 6 and 9, a long wait.

    1. It's ho-hum, but not at all bad. Clam chowder is very good. If Coho salmon is in season, that's a good bet. They do a good job with fresh fish, although sometimes it arrives overcooked and dry. The fish is always good quality, though, and they aim to please. You won't be overwhelmed, but you won't be disappointed, either.

      1. Well, if you like fish fried, you will be in heaven, even though it is prepared in many ways other than fried.
        I thought it was quite pedestrian, think Red Lobster, the kid sister of Olive Garden, and you would be close.
        However, here is a link to a post from earlier in the year with more mixed responses.

        Report back your thoughts.

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          I never order anything fried there, usually scallops, shrimp, or swordfish(all grilled), or king crab(steamed), and I've had maybe one bad meal in 20 years.

        2. Good Homey place. Love the Clam Chowder, they have decent fried clams (Although ask for another dipping sauce... the blue cheese dipping sauce they serve is VILE!) and I LOVEEEEE their sour dough breads. For me, that worth the trip alone... Hmmmm....


          1. Considering the crowds, the prices, and the ambiance... my vote goes with the detractors. I've been there a few times, on others' invitations, and didn't understand the enthusiasm for the place. Not a red chowder person, though.

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            1. re: Mrs Fang

              It's the white chowder that's especially good. Even if you don't care for the restaurant, it's probably the best fresh fish market in the area. And they sell the chowder and sourdough bread to take home, too. IMHO, King's red chowder/fish soup is better than Fish Company's.