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Sep 26, 2006 08:58 PM

Ushi Wakamaru v. Blue Ribbon Sushi

my understanding is that these two places are of roughly the same caliber. have been to BRS, never to UW. BRS seems to have the edge on atmosphere.

looking for a quality/price breakdown and maybe an alternate suggestion in case i've missed something in the neighborhod.


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  1. They're both excellent. Aesthetically Ushi has the edge for me. I mean food-wise; it's not as nicely decorated as Blue Ribbon, but the fish at Ushi is more likely to surprise and delight. They're both expensive, I believe, though, you're more likely at Ushu to get exotic specials of the day flown in than you are at BR.

    1. they are very different places:

      -- foodwise, Ushi Wakamaru is far far mentioned above, they get fish flown in from Japan and many items that BRS would never have...and the sushi-making of Hideo-san (an award winning chef) is in a whole different class from the hastily-made stuff at BRS...the atmosphere is mellow and the clientele is often mostly feels like places i've been in Japan and the people are there for the food...

      -- Blue Ribbon has decent quality fish...but it's a trendy factory of a place, churning out all kinds of rolls, etc to suit a variety of American and foreign palates...occassionally i've had sub-par fish there, but it's usually good...but, it's fun place: the lighting is darkish and you can get a booth and drink and order a few rounds of alcohol&sushi and it makes for a fun date or late-night-feast...but you're paying for the atmosphere ("Oh, look, there's the cast of SNL" -- "Hey, there's RZA", etc) not for the food...

      Price-wise, either place could cost more or less depending on what you get...when i get the sashimi/sushi omakase for two (and three or so drinks a piece) at UW, it usually runs about 200 plus a healthy tip...but you could get a sushi combo, some appetizers, and bottle of sake and spend far less...similarly, at BRS, i've gone for a light afternoon meal or late-night-snack and spent 40/person and i've also had marathon birthday dinners there that cost double or triple that...

      i'd say, if you are interested in excellent traditional sushi (at a cost that's still lower than Yasuda), definitely give UW a try and get the omakase...