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Sep 26, 2006 08:56 PM

Nashville Meat & 3 and good BBQ

I can not remember the name of the Meat & 3 on the backside of the Train Station Hotel, it is one block away, i had several good breakfasts there. Any other good meat & 3 for breakfasts? Also need a good BBQ for a friend who is traveling there. I know about Hog Heaven, Pop's BBQ on the wrong side of the tracks, what else is there?


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  1. I'm not sure which meat and three you're talking about. Could it be The Pie Wagon?

    Also, Hog Heaven is my favorite for barbeque, but a lot of folks like Jack's downtown.

    1. If you mean the Pie Wagon, which used to fit your description sort of, it's moved. I'd hate to have you wandering that area looking for it, it's a good place to be shaken down for beer money, if you know what I mean. Jack's is the best barbecue downtown, with Rippy's getting an honorable mention.

      1. Meat & 3s:
        Monelle's is a fun way to dine and has a fab weekend brunch. I hear the historic Loveless Cafe is great, too.

        I actually like Jim & Nick's & Judge Bean's is pretty good.