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Sep 26, 2006 08:54 PM

Cluster of restaurants at 22nd & Guerrero?

I'm curious about this cluster of restaurants near 22nd and Guerrero, as I live just a few blocks away but have surprisingly
never bothered to try ANY of them, though I've enjoyed drinks at Lone Palm on many occasions (though not recently).

Are any of these guys worth trying? Am especially curious about
the Japanese place that popped up within the last year or so.
Think it begins with a K... (Kirri? Kimi? Appears to have sort of a pinkish hue from the outside...) How is it?

Also curious about La Provence, and Tao Cafe, and any other part of that cluster that I've overlooked. Any of them noteworthy?

Many thanks,

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  1. The sushi place is called Kiji sushi I believe. All of these are all good neighborhood spots, none of them destination restaurants. I've eaten at all of them but Zagora. I don't eat at Tao Cafe much, because while it's pretty good, I prefer Lotus Garden. Same with Kiji. It's fine too, but I prefer Yo's Sushi Club in the same area as Lotus Garden. La Provence is nice, the food is pretty good and the service is very personal.

    Que Tal on that same corner is a pretty good coffee place and you can multitask by getting a cup & walk next door to Blush nail spa for a pedicure.

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    1. re: farmersdaughter

      Plenty of enthusiasm for Lotus Garden here too. Am currently visitting or getting LG delivery/to-go about twice a week these days, and I'm not feeling any need to experiment with other Vietnamese unless the menu is substantially different.
      Is Tao offering similar fare?

      And -- a little off-topic -- does Yo's offer a to-go option? Tend to rely plenty on LG and GFC for quick food, and wouldn't mind another option in that immediate area...

      Sounds like Kijii may still be worth popping into given its
      proximity, though my hunch is that I'll end up trying La Provence first.

    2. Kiji's okay. The chef there is somehow affiliated with Sushi Groove. I forget which one and I forget what his role was. It's all right; I don't think it's destination dining or anything, but I'd probably eat there if I lived closer. It's definitely superior to places like Tokyo Go-Go and We Be Sushi. Worth checking out if you live there.

      Don't forget The Liberties, which is my favorite watering hole in the area. It's one of the few bars in the Mission that doesn't turn into a madhouse on the weekends.

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      1. re: dunstable

        Yeah, an accessible Fri/Sat bar would be a plus. Used to visit
        Lone Palm all the time and enjoyed a seat at least 80% of the time, but it could still get very loud and crowded. Never visitted The Liberties. Do they serve food there too or just drinks? And is it a full bar? Kinda thought this might be a fun place to pop into for a beer and a snack on a Saturday afternoon, but never considered it for more elaborate evening
        indulgence. But if I won't have to stand with an elbow lodged in a stranger's rib cage, it could have some appeal...


        1. re: jflesh

          They serve food there. It's arright; it's a notch tastier (and more expensive) than typical bar fare; you can get an okay steak and such. Their menu is much broader than you'd expect an Irish tavern's to be -- things like curries and satays, if I recall correctly. They also have a brunch, another welcome alternative to waiting an hour in front of Boogaloo's. Really, though, I think of it as a bar, and not a resto.

          Not sure what you mean by full bar, but they do have single malt scotches and single cask bourbons and such. I haven't tried any wine there, so I can't comment on that. But yah, you can go there and get a seat no problem. You can even hear the person next to you talk.

      2. I like La Provence... authentic fare in a pretty room, if a little cramped.
        Friendly service - it's a Gallic Father & US born son affair. I've been about five times and it seems to draw a 60/40 mix of neighborhood locals to cross-towners.

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