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Sep 26, 2006 08:35 PM

Where to take 2 college friends visiting from down south? Great food, fun atmosphere,

can go anywhere in city. This will be in Nov, so I'll have time to get a reservation at most places. They'll be in for a whole weekend, so I was thinking one really nice, pricier meal and then some fun options... maybe really good ethnic foods - thai, tapas, sushi, etc... that they might not get down there!

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  1. Two fun places to take your friends are Bao 111 and Son Cubano.

    Bao 111 is a Vietnamese restaurant.
    You have to try the tuna spring rolls.

    Son Cubano is a Cuban/Latin restaurant.
    They have live music and it has a fun/lively atmosphere. The food is great and so are the drinks.

    1. How about AZUL (Argentinean Bistro - Lower East Side) for the fun meal. It's a fun, lively vibe and great Argentine food. You gotta love meat though.

      And why not LUPA for the other option. It's not that pricey but it's one of the best restaurants in the city and if you order enough different things, and pair with wine, it can end up being quite a splurge.

      1. I really think showing them a Yakitori Place would be a fun and maybe new experience.. On the higher end you can go to Sakagura. Then there is Yakitori Totto, Gyu-Kaku a Japanese BBQ place, Yakitori Taisho,Decibel which is a fun bar with some Japanese Bar Food.. I would also suggest Aburiya Kinnosuke for Yakitori.

        Another thing I would suggest is Katz obviously..

        Dim Sum might be fun and a walk around Chinatown..

        Thai food in Manhattan I would suggest Zaab Thai or Pam Real Thai Food.

        Might do a 24 hour Korean Spot late night or Blue Ribbon..

        For a solid Italian place for great pizza and great risotto I would go to Giorgione.

        1. 'inoteca in the Lower East Side is a great place to get together and catch up. Good Italian tapas-size food and good wines by the glass or, better yet, by the bottle.

          Also, there are a lot of other bars and fun food places in the area.

          If you care, look up a review I posted about a few days ago.

          1. wow, thanks so much for all the info. i'm going to do a little more research on these, and i'll let you know what i decide!