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Sep 26, 2006 08:17 PM

B & G / Clio dress code & signature dish

I will be visiting Boston in October and was wondering the dress code at the above restaurants.
I will be having lunch at B & G and then dinner at CLIO on a Saturday. Would jeans be ok?

Also, what is THE dish at these restaurants? (I know Clio is known for their tasting menus but was thinking of going ala carte)

As an aside, I have been reading on this board about Lobster this a sandwich made with lobster meat...what is the hype?


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  1. B&G is pretty casual, you can certainly go in jeans. Clio is more formal though these days you can dress jeans up and go about anywhere (which I have done at Clio on many occasions).

    At B&G, they have a very good selection of oysters. If you like them, I recommend trying a bunch of different ones. They also have a good lobster roll which is lobster meat with a light dressing in a roll. I think they serve theirs with homemade potato chips.

    1. "what is the hype?" Hahaha, it ain't hype! There are two basic types of lobster roll as I understand it. One is a lobster salad type roll, luscious cold lobster pieces (about one lobster per roll) mixed with mayo, sometimes herbs like tarragon, and classically served on a "top loading" toasted hot dog bun. These are definitely fabulous and generally a Boston-Maine speciality. There's also a hot style lobster roll, I've just learned about these this year, which again is luscious lobster pieces but this time they're hot and served on a toasted top loading bun with a melted butter sauce. These are apparently very popular in the Rhode Island area. I'm planning to have one of these at Neptune Oyster here in Boston this winter.

      1. I have done extensive research on the lobsta rolls of Boston and went on a LOBSTA SAFARI this summer. B&G has one of the best. A New England clasic...IMHO. I would not wear jeans to CLIO but I'm old school. Jeans and a nice top are fine for B/G.

        1. B&G for lunch you can definitely get away with jeans and a nice top as Chicky stated. My husband and I love to have a variety of oysters when we are there plus maybe some soup and an appetizer or two. Our favorite thing there is definitely the oysters from the raw bar. I have yet to try there much lauded lobster roll, but hopefully soon!

          Clio definitely is more formal (and yet not stuffy). I usually wear some nice pants and a nice top and my husband usually wears pants and a button down shirt.

          1. The attire suggested above is definitely appropriate. Avoid the gang banger wide brim crooked hat look and you should be fine.

            Regarding signature dishes.

            B&G: I would think the oysters and the lobster roll qualify.

            Clio: Marinated Yellow Fin and Yellowtail has been on the menu since day one.
            I think the Casolette of Sea Urchin and Lobster would qualify also seeing its long standing presence on the menu. The original version was with yuzu koshu and in my opinion just a tad better than the current version with parsnips and crispy shallots.

            For Entrees: I would think the Butter Basted Maine Lobster with the Vin Jaune qualifies. It's been around since the beginning with minor seasonal adjustments.
            Two other long running dishes would be the Crunchy Sauteed Halibut with Citrus Sauce and the Duck Breast with the Confit. There is also normally a verbal special of Roast Suckling Pig.

            Had you asked this question a few years ago, I would have definitely said the Swordfish au Poivre but that's been retired. I wouldn't mind seeing that come back.