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Sep 26, 2006 07:35 PM

ID Quick Hitters

Hey all. I am looking for cheap and filling meals in the ID for lunch. I've been to the board favs like Seattle Deli, Maylay, 7 stars and Pho joints and would like to try some more places, but MOST importantly I would love to know what to order. The variety at these eateries seems endless so personal favs are highly encouraged (as is comfortable settings for solo dining). Any help would be great. Thanks

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  1. Takohachi for the chicken karaage / hamburg steak combo w/ fried or curry rice (PS service can be abrupt especially from that older lady)

    FuLin (closed Tuesdays) for any of their lunch combos e.g. shrimp w/ broccoli, shredded pork w/ bean curd shreds, fried pork chop (Taiwanese style cutlet, lots of umami flavor), ramen (one of their specialties)

    The Hawaiian food stall in Uwajimaya for the kalbi (beef short rib)/teriyaki chicken combo w/ potato salad

    Mikes Noodle shop for fish congee, get a side of beef stew and a side of wilted lettuce w/ oyster sauce

    1. My favorite lunch spot in the ID, bar none, is the Szechuan Noodle Bowl (on 8th, I think, off Jackson and next to Green Leaf). All noodles and dumplings are house-made daily. Nothing there will disappoint, but if you're at a loss, try the spicy beef tendon noodle soup, the vegetarian dumplings with spicy sauce, the green onion pancake, and the cold sesame noodles.

      I also am very fond of the roast duck noodle soup at Kau Kau, just down the street.

      1. I like the salads at Maneki - they usually have a special with some kind of seared fish, avocado and greens. Actually I like everything I've had at Maneki.

        1. Lemongrass, right underneath 7 stars on jackson, has some of the best vietnamese food around. THe grilled tofu their is the best tofu I've eaten. I think the overall quality of the food is better than Tamrind Tree. Also in across the street in Saigon BIstro which has very good grilled meats.

          1. You sometimes have to get some duds, but I've found that the salt & pepper squid and the barley green potstickers at Shanghi Garden (6th & Weller, kitty-corner from Uwajimaaya)never let me down. The S & P squid is even good as take out, which not all fried stuff is. For my cheap and cheerful lunches on the run I like the Uwajimaya sushi bar--spicy squid tentacles, umeboshi (sp?) triangle w/rice, and eel bowl.

            these other suggestions are great, I'm excited to try new places.