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ID Quick Hitters

Hey all. I am looking for cheap and filling meals in the ID for lunch. I've been to the board favs like Seattle Deli, Maylay, 7 stars and Pho joints and would like to try some more places, but MOST importantly I would love to know what to order. The variety at these eateries seems endless so personal favs are highly encouraged (as is comfortable settings for solo dining). Any help would be great. Thanks

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  1. Takohachi for the chicken karaage / hamburg steak combo w/ fried or curry rice (PS service can be abrupt especially from that older lady)

    FuLin (closed Tuesdays) for any of their lunch combos e.g. shrimp w/ broccoli, shredded pork w/ bean curd shreds, fried pork chop (Taiwanese style cutlet, lots of umami flavor), ramen (one of their specialties)

    The Hawaiian food stall in Uwajimaya for the kalbi (beef short rib)/teriyaki chicken combo w/ potato salad

    Mikes Noodle shop for fish congee, get a side of beef stew and a side of wilted lettuce w/ oyster sauce

    1. My favorite lunch spot in the ID, bar none, is the Szechuan Noodle Bowl (on 8th, I think, off Jackson and next to Green Leaf). All noodles and dumplings are house-made daily. Nothing there will disappoint, but if you're at a loss, try the spicy beef tendon noodle soup, the vegetarian dumplings with spicy sauce, the green onion pancake, and the cold sesame noodles.

      I also am very fond of the roast duck noodle soup at Kau Kau, just down the street.

      1. I like the salads at Maneki - they usually have a special with some kind of seared fish, avocado and greens. Actually I like everything I've had at Maneki.

        1. Lemongrass, right underneath 7 stars on jackson, has some of the best vietnamese food around. THe grilled tofu their is the best tofu I've eaten. I think the overall quality of the food is better than Tamrind Tree. Also in across the street in Saigon BIstro which has very good grilled meats.

          1. You sometimes have to get some duds, but I've found that the salt & pepper squid and the barley green potstickers at Shanghi Garden (6th & Weller, kitty-corner from Uwajimaaya)never let me down. The S & P squid is even good as take out, which not all fried stuff is. For my cheap and cheerful lunches on the run I like the Uwajimaya sushi bar--spicy squid tentacles, umeboshi (sp?) triangle w/rice, and eel bowl.

            these other suggestions are great, I'm excited to try new places.

            1. Mr. C, Go to Hing Loon. You'll be impressed by the atmosphere. Somehow they have re-created in exact detail the ambiance of your 5th grade lunchroom. However, the food more than makes up for the formica. If you ever thought of dabbling in Meth or Crack, order the "Pork Ribs With Pepper Salt". Don't be surprised if you come back in 4 hours and order it again. (And again.) On your third visit, to ease your DT's, order the Won Ton soup with "Double Won Ton". After that, you'll have a burning desire to redecorate your entire house in Linoleum.

              1. Tai Tung is the oldest Chinese restaurant in Seattle. It is often "pooh poohed" by Chowhounds, but I've always found the food worthy of its 70+ year history. If they offer fried Smelt (when in season) it's very good. Their chicken hot pot is Chow-worthy as is their Chicken Chowmein. If you try Tai Tung, ask to have Peter as your server. He has been with Tai Tung for over 50 years; trust his recommendations and cultivate his knowledge of the wonderful Chinese cuisine.

                1. Best salad in town is the green mango salad with grilled shrimp at Green Leaf. Also their grilled tofu on skewers is excellent.

                  At Takohachi, also try the bento box--a great value with lots of tasty food. I love their yu-dofu and order it with the salmon gyoza, the house cabbage salad, and a bowl of rice.

                  1. Tsukushinbo is very good for reasonably priced sushi and their noodles and tempura are very good. Am not sure whether it's open for lunch, however. The wonton/sui kau soup at the Canton Noodle House around the corner from Shanghai Garden is very good. And King's Barbecue has a cheap take out barbecue lunch available--rice and your choice of Chinese barbecue for less than $7, if I remember correctly.

                    1. Tsukushinbo (6th/Main) IS open for lunch (11:45~) and the Tuesday lunch special is the BEST. It's grilled mackerel w/rice and then a side bowl of tonjiru which is a pork/miso stew that i have never found served anywhere else in Seattle. The tonkatsu and fried chicken lunches (served daily) are also delicious and very hearty.

                      For a quick lunch, I like twice-cooked pork at Green King, across to the east from the old Uwajimaya building. The lady who runs it is a loud but very nice version of the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld. Also you shouldn't miss Seven Stars Pepper at 12th/Jackson. It's a Chowhound fave. I have never had anything bad there but my faves right now are Chong-Ching chicken, chopped pepper chicken, and lamb w/cumin. Their eggplant dishes are to die for as well.

                      1. Green Village on 6th Ave has a wonderful Korean noodle soup ($6) with seafood, chicken, vegetables, and noodles which is a complete meal. Order it "mild" if you like quite spicy but not searing.

                        1. Tai Tung in the ID is my absolute favorite. My grandfather used to work the salmon canneries in Alaska from the 1930s-1960s and I'm sure he too ate here when he stopped on King Street in Seattle. This place is that old, and legendary amongst oldtimer Filipinos who frequented the ID from the 30s on. In my last three visits to Seattle, I SWEAR I ate here once every single day. And I live in SF, where you can get great Chinese food, but I think Tai Tung is better than a lot of the Cantonese joints here in the city.

                          They make the very simple, ultra fresh, classic Cantonese and Cantonese American dishes that I grew up with in Chinatowns in California, the kind of stuff you just don't see done well anymore. My absolute favorites: sliced cod in garlic sauce and almond chicken. And no, I don't mean that soggy, insipid dish of gloppy chicken bits with celery and pale nuts. I'm talking about golden boats of crispy, juicy chicken breasts covered in an ultra light, crisp batter, covered with piles of toasted, chopped almonds and with a delicious, complex dipping sauce. Love it.

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                            Ordered AC @ TT for lunch today. Chicken was amazing, but I found the sauce gloppy and plain. Potstickers were excellent.

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                              yeah, i'm sure the sauce can be hit or miss, but i'm glad you enjoyed the chicken!

                          2. Hing Loon is one of our favorites. They make terrific Won Ton noodle soup. The noodles have a slight crunch/popping to them as they should have. Also their salt and pepper chicken wings are delish or go for the salt and pepper tofu. Add some pea vines for a veggie dish and you have a great meal!