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Sep 26, 2006 07:15 PM

Near the Kimmel Center

Looking for a nice place, any cuisine near the Kimmel Center to go before a show. Thanks.

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  1. Ernesto's 1521 Cafe at 1521 Spruce Street. Italian inspired food. Excellent. One block west of the Kimmel. Has a back garden seating area also.

    Here's a citysearch page on it:

    1. I'd recommend Lolita, a mexican place at 13th and Sansom. BYOT (Tequila) for margaritas or bring whatever you like. Capogiro is right across the street for dessert.

      1. Pasion on 15th, Capital Grille on Broad or the Palm in the bellevue.

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          Be warned that Pasion recently had a change at head chef, and the only review I've read since the switch indicates that it's not for the better.

        2. You didn't give a price range, but here are some of our favorites:

          Italian - La Viola, 16th St. just north of Spruce, cash only, BYOB, very good food, reasonable.
          Branzino, 17th St. just north of Spruce, BYOB,
          very attractive, very good food

          Japanese - Shiroi Hana, 15th St. between Walnut and Locust

          Mediterranean/Continental - Valanni, tapas and small plates plus regular, interesting menu

          For more money:
          Estia - fish/seafood, beautiful place, pricey but they have a $30 pre-theater, Locust across from Academy of Music
          Capital Grille - always good, on Broad St., pricey

          Also ran: Sansom St. Oyster House, Sansom St. between 15th and 16th, informal, not inexpensive any more
          Ernesto's, at 1521 Spruce, pleasant service, decent, some people love it, and they are used to getting you out on time
          For a very decent hamburger, the grill (forget the name) right across the street - NW corner of Broad and Spruce
          Italian Bistro, a chain, inexpensive, show them your ticket for a discount, not bad

          Haven't been to Primadonna this year - can sometimes get slow near theater time.

          There are many others, but these are the ones we keep returning to. All are within a few blocks.

          1. I agree on La Viola - great little spot that isn't well known. I haven't been in a few years but it was great when I went several times in the past. If they take them, get a reservation as it is pretty small so can fill up very quickly.

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              Yes, they take reservations, and yes, it's a good idea to have a reservation!