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Sep 26, 2006 02:44 PM

Good chow at golf courses [split from "The Best Hot Dog I've EVER had..."

[The Chowhound Team split this tangent off from a thead about a golf course coffee shop's hot dog on the L.A. board titled "The Best Hot Dog I've Ever had... you'll be surprised!" Its original location is here:
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Seriously awesome. I'm an avid golfer. It really is amazing how you can find some good food at golf courses.

I recently had a REALLY GOOD cheeseburger at the Arroyo Trabuco golf course in south Orange County. Medium Rare and perfect.

I remember playing some of the muni golf courses in Long Beach and getting a great fried egg sandwich. Go figure.

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  1. Rancho Park Golf Course: excellent soup (one a day), nice fruit bowl, impeccable patty melt, good omelets. Comfortably worn, friendly service, everyone is treated like a "regular." A fine alternative when John O'Groats is too crowded. Note: cash only, ATM on site.

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      They have some tasty Asian dishes too - noodle soups. Evocative coffee shop atmosphere with a lazy view of the links.

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        Pretty good Chinese Chicken salad, too.

      2. Someone should start a bowling alley food vs golf course food thread.

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        1. the breakfast sandwich at Hansen Dam golf course in pacoima. fried egg, crisy tasty bacon, etc. great! better than any "breakfast" sandwhich anywhere.

          1. lacc makes a mean hot dog. but getting in there is the problem.

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              Would it be possible for you to be more describtive of that hot dog and lacc?

            2. angeles national has some good stuff - once the build the clubhouse it should be better.

              spam musubi!

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                My son likes the steak sandwich at the golf course in South Pasadena -- Arroyo something? In any case it's a very quiet, pleasant little restaurant. And although the former Eatz (now Los Feliz Cafe) was never a bastion of fine food, it's a good cheap place for an outdoor breakfast or burger, and very kid-friendly.