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Sep 26, 2006 06:50 PM


Anybody seen one anyplace closer to SF/Berkeley than Petaluma?

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  1. Check out El Oaxaqueno, 330 E. William St., San Jose 95112, 408-294-9388. Their business card reads:
    "Queso Oaxaca, Quesillo, Mole Rojo y Negro, Chapulines, Tortillas (Tlayudas), Chocolate, Chorizo Cesina Tasajo, Mezcal de Gusanito, Pan de Yema..."

    1. I'm not sure, but El Jarro in Lafayette might have some (don't have their menu with me).
      Wow, did you strike out on Oaxacan places in Oakland?

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        what Oaxacan places in Oakland!? If you know of any restaurants in Oakland that primarily serve Oaxacan, please, please share!

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          Actually, that was a rhetorical question. I was enlightened in another post that International Ave. was unlikely to host any Oaxacan restaurants! Statistically, that blows me away (living in Northern Mexico, er, Los Angeles county).
          C'mon 'hounds, we All want Oaxacan and we want it Now :-).

          1. re: DiveFan

            I completely agree- why is it that the Bay Area is so lacking in Oaxacan food? It's some of the best cuisine in Mexico (ok, anywhere!) and it just amazes me that Mexican restaurants just serve the same microwaved enchiladas and refritos everywhere here. Sigh... gotta go to Watsonville for some real cocina oaxaquena...

      2. Primavera has had them on the menu Sat. mornings at the Ferry Plaza farmers market

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          I think (?) that might be an only sometimes thing. The Primavera menu varies from week to week...

        2. For something close but not quite the same, you can get excellent huaraches from a little stand at the Alemany Farmer's Market. They are about 8"x5", pliant with a crispy exterior, filled with beans, and topped with salsa, cilantro, and queso. I think you can even get some chorizo on top.

          That's the closest I've come to tlayudas in San Francisco since Mom is Cooking closed.

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          1. re: nja

            we were there Saturday, and you can get the huaraches with chicken, carne asada, and I think also mole (I didn't see it on the stand menu, but that appeared to be what the guys at the next little table over were eating).

            The place was packed, and there was a significant wait to get our order (at about noon). We tried one with carne asada, but personally I thought it was only ok: exterior wasn't crunchy, carne asada wasn't that great. However, the queso was good, and the salsa they have there is really nice: very spicy and flavorful.

            They didn't have chilaquiles Saturday. Sigh.

          2. This isn't closer than Petaluma to you, but here's a mention of Capistrano Cafe in Princeton Harbor offering a Oaxacan specialties from time to time. Might merit investigation.