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Sep 26, 2006 06:42 PM

Update on homemade schnapps (aka infused vodkas)

I'm happy to report that our schanpps experiments have been going well! Last night we combined 4 parts wildflower honey schnapps with 1 part cloves schnapps (which did mellow out nicely since we strained it about 3 weeks ago) and 1 part black pepper schnapps, with a touch of lemon juice. The result not only tasted yummy and complex but also helped my husband get over a cold. :)

We will be making orange (with zest only), cardamom, and ginger schnapps next. Any thoughts on how any/all of those will go with the honey schnapps, and maybe the combo we tried last night? Do you think the other spices will be overpowered by the black pepper and/or cloves?

Previous post, including the link to the Danish website with the recipes:

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