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Hard to beat this burger - Blazer Pub

We've been bouncing around lately trying different restaurants and just came back to Blazer Pub on Route 22 in Purdy's for a quick burger. Damn it is good!!! We had the Blazer Onion to start - it was a disappointment, too spicy and the batter wasn't cooked all the way down into the onion. However, the burger and the fries were wonderful. I don't think I have ever tasted any better. If you're in the area you should give it a try. Nothing pretentious - just a nice pub with great burgers.... George

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  1. in my opinion blazer's makes the far and away best burger i've ever tasted. better than piper's kilt, better than corner bistro, shake shack, etc. bun to burger ratio is spot on, cheese is nice and gooey, and it's cooked to perfection about 95% of the time. on top of that, the buffalo wings are stupendous and the fries are giant perfect steak fries. finish it off with a awesome pour of bass and you're in heaven. i've been singing the praises of the blazers for a while on this board and i'm happy someone else has tasted such an amazing burger.

    1. I think I'm the only person who doesn't really get "Blazers." I went there a couple of years ago and found the burger too thick and on the well done side.
      I much prefer the Red Rooster, and in White Plains, the new Porter House. Also in White Plains, Tayste has great lil "slider-style" burgers.

      1. How about the burgers at Squire's, in Briarcliff? Mr. dolores liked them recently.

        HungryForMore, is Porter House on Mamaroneck Ave.? Also, where is Tayste? Thanks.

        1. I finally tried The Blazer last month after hearing about it for years. Pretty disappointing. The burger was good but nothing to rave about, and my wings were absolutely flabby and undersauced. I like the thick fries though.

          1. As far as a cheddar burger, nothing beats Piper's Kilt. The gooey cheddar cheese they top it with is great and with a slice of raw onion it is the best I've ever had!

            1. Hi Dolores,

              Porter House and Tayste are both on Mamaroneck Avenue. Porter House is relatively new (about a month old) and Tayste is the renovated Diggity Dogs.

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                Well, the hard roll and toppings are great, but the taste of the meat is nothing better than what I can make at home. At BSF it is the same. For a truly outstanding, memorable burger go to Shake Shack at 24 st. and Madison Ave. (in the park). You will probably need to wait about an hour on line but it is well worth it.

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                  budinado, you're suggesting I pay a toll on the Henry Hudson and park in NYC to eat a burger that is allegedly better than the Blazer, which I doubt? And I would have to wait an hour to do it?

                  You're aware this is the Tristate board?

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                    Right you are, dolores! BTW just went to Squire's last night -- their burgers are just right. And reasonable!

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                    Maybe you're buying some sort of fancy meat or you have some sort of amazing grilling skills, but I find the burgers at both the Blazer & BSF to be tastier than anything I've had at my home or anyone else's home.

                    And I'm not quite sure why a nearly 2 year old thread on the Blazer Pub needed to be dragged back up. Certainly, it's been discussed more recently.

                2. On the way home from morning fruit picking yesterday and stopped at Blazer for lunch because of all the positive reviews here. We were incredibly underwhelmed and greatly disappointed. Yes, the burger was thick. Yes, it was hand formed. Yes, it was prepared pretty close to the medium we requested and the first two bites were very juicy. However, the meat was pretty bland - practically begged for a little salt and pepper since it wasn't all that "beefy" tasting. The juices did ooze with first bites and as a result the wimpy supermarket bun could not hold the burger and a few toppings so it became a sloppy mess. Giant sized chunky fries were neither crisp nor soggy and just okay. Wouldn't run back. We liked our side of chili though.

                  Will try the also highly touted Piper's Kilt and Squires in the future (Shake Shack too) but thus far BSF remains our #1.

                  Dinner was great though - we took home BBQ from BigW which reinforced that Q has become a total waste of time -- and money. Our rack was twice the size of those at Q and a zillion times better.

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                    I haven't been to Blazer, but I have to agree with you on BSF. My son and I stopped there last week and shared a cheeseburger. After the first bite, we looked at each other and smiled happily. It was so great from the first bite to the last and had that great beefy taste. Re: Shake Shack, I have to agree with Dolores -- the idea of going into Manhattan and waiting on a line for an hour for a hamburger is beyond unappealing. And I love NYC and lived in Manhattan almost my entire life, but to go to Manhattan for the chance to wait on a line for a burger when I can buzz up 95 and grab a great one at BSF? It's not happening.

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                      Laylag, if you ever go back to the Blazer, get the hard roll. It holds up a bit better.