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Sep 26, 2006 06:07 PM

Hard to beat this burger - Blazer Pub

We've been bouncing around lately trying different restaurants and just came back to Blazer Pub on Route 22 in Purdy's for a quick burger. Damn it is good!!! We had the Blazer Onion to start - it was a disappointment, too spicy and the batter wasn't cooked all the way down into the onion. However, the burger and the fries were wonderful. I don't think I have ever tasted any better. If you're in the area you should give it a try. Nothing pretentious - just a nice pub with great burgers.... George

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  1. in my opinion blazer's makes the far and away best burger i've ever tasted. better than piper's kilt, better than corner bistro, shake shack, etc. bun to burger ratio is spot on, cheese is nice and gooey, and it's cooked to perfection about 95% of the time. on top of that, the buffalo wings are stupendous and the fries are giant perfect steak fries. finish it off with a awesome pour of bass and you're in heaven. i've been singing the praises of the blazers for a while on this board and i'm happy someone else has tasted such an amazing burger.

    1. I think I'm the only person who doesn't really get "Blazers." I went there a couple of years ago and found the burger too thick and on the well done side.
      I much prefer the Red Rooster, and in White Plains, the new Porter House. Also in White Plains, Tayste has great lil "slider-style" burgers.

      1. How about the burgers at Squire's, in Briarcliff? Mr. dolores liked them recently.

        HungryForMore, is Porter House on Mamaroneck Ave.? Also, where is Tayste? Thanks.

        1. I finally tried The Blazer last month after hearing about it for years. Pretty disappointing. The burger was good but nothing to rave about, and my wings were absolutely flabby and undersauced. I like the thick fries though.

          1. As far as a cheddar burger, nothing beats Piper's Kilt. The gooey cheddar cheese they top it with is great and with a slice of raw onion it is the best I've ever had!