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Had a ok version of it at the office cafeteria. Looking for an outstanding version. Downtown or on the Westside. Anyone?

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  1. Hugos on Santa Monica in WeHo used to have pretty good chilaquiles. Haven't been in a while. Also, I don't know if Loteria in the farmer's market has them, but I would definitely check them out, they have great stuff.

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      Yes. I also like the Hugo's version.

      I'm always disappointed when I order it somewhere else and compare it to Hugo's.

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        Si, Loteria has them. I like this place a lot, too, but I don't think the chilaquiles are the best thing they do.

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          Loteria Grill, although good, IMHO is "overpriced & underportioned" for chilaquiles or anything else they serve. Must be the location lease fees @ Farmers Market.

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            I seem to be alone in this, but I actually adore Loteria's chilequiles. They are simply chips sauteed in salsa (I crave their green sauce), with a sprinkling of onion and cheese, and a drizzle of crema. Sometimes they come with black beans, sometimes they don't. They're obviously a bit different than the other chilequiles out there, but they're pretty tasty.

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              I've had the chilaquiles en mole at Loteria and they are expensive but they came on a turkey platter. My wife and I split them and they were still a lot of food. Their tacos are good but tiny and expensive. For everyday tacos, we go to El Gran Burrito. Only $1.

        2. I like the one at Gilbert's El Indio on the westside. Get it with a bloody maria in the morning! On the eastside, I like Eat Well and Brite Spot who, i believe, use the same recipe.

          1. The BEST I've in all of L.A. have come from Pepe's Galley in Mar Vista Bowl on Venice and Centinella. Get them along side the Machaca and you are in Mexican Breakfast HEAVEN...


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              thanks Dommy! I'm always looking for good chilaquiles suggestions. I'll check these out this weekend!

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                I did just that - Machaca and Chilaquiles. Thank you - it was utterly fabulous. I plan to go back and explore the menu.

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                  I love their chilaquiles along with their homemade salsa. Their eggs ranchero, which I think they've removed from their menu but are still available, are fantastic as well. Be sure to ask for both their salsas rojas on the side, hot and mild, different tastes.

                  BTW, it is called Pepy's Galley and it is located on the northeast corner of Venice and Grand View Blvd.

                2. In the SFV, La Fogata on Van Nuys blvd. does a good job. On the Westside, I don't think you can do better than The Talpa.

                  1. I too am a fan of this dish but am looking for a great version in the OC. Any thoughts? TIA.

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                      In OC - Coyote Grill in South Laguna.

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                        Anepalco's Cafe in Orange has excellent chilaquiles. It's a much more refined version than what you'd expect at a place like Anepalco's. A great red sauce and crema.

                      2. I second Hugo's version. The one on Santa Monica. I also love Neddy's in Silverlake. Their's seems a bit more authentic. Both are served all day...

                        1. Try La Taquiza on Figueroa near USC. Yum!
                          Other people have recommended Cha Cha Cha's chilaquiles. I'm not a huge fan of them, but they do have them every day.
                          Avoid Loteria's chilaquiles--it's just a massive serving of chips with some salsa and cotija. Truly disappointing.
                          p.s. It's Netty's in Silverlake.

                          1. I'm fond of the version at Tacos Delta in Silverlake on Sunset close to Hyperion.

                            If you get Chilaquilas con Huevos they are served with sunny side up eggs on the bottom and saucey freshly made chilaquiles on the top. You can request other types of egg interpretations.

                            I am there on either Saturday or Sunday morning ... sitting under the arbor in the back.

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                              Tacos Delta has the best chilaquiles I have ever tasted.

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                                The Tacos delta chilaquilas are excellent. Not too formal a seating situation, but, yummy : )

                              2. Not located downtown, but worth the drive are the Chilaquiles Divorceadas at La Casita on Gage in Bell. They are delicious with both a red and green sauce. Everything they serve there is extra special good.

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                                  I second the chilaquiles at La Casita. It was crispy and the sauces were flavorful. To see a pick, go to:



                                2. Just to add a few more options I like the chilaquiles at Highland grounds, they add soy chorizo so they are slightly gringo but they're delicious. I also tend to order the chilaquiles at Mexico City. It comes in a green sauce with chicken, it has a nice tang.
                                  Like other chowhounds, I also adore the chilaquiles at Gilberts and MarVista Bowl.

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                                    Gilbert's also has the benefit of cushy booths, dark lights, and bottomless coffee to make it an ideal place to service a hangover

                                  2. El Gran Burrito (Vermont and Sta. Monica Blvd, in Silverlake). They make a green one and a red one, and neither seem to contain eggs.

                                    The green one is good, but the red one is the one to write home about. So complexly spicy and creamy (from dissolved cojita, I guess), slightly sweet -- it almost borders on Indian food, e.g. "tortilla tikka masala."

                                    1. i like the red and green chilaquiles at BORDER GRILL, santa monica.

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                                        I adore the chilaquiles at Homegirl Cafe - and all the recipes there are developed by Border Grill chefs, so I suspect they are close : )

                                        The green are my fav - the sauce is so bright and flavorful, with just the right amount of fresh cheese crumbles on top and fresh mint - DIVINE.

                                        Border Grill
                                        1445 4th St., Santa Monica, CA 90401

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                                          As a sidenote to the Homeboy/Homegirl group, the Homeboy bakery stand at the Mar Vista FM has been offering a new salsa that I don't recall seeing there before. Salsa "Morita" is just a little sweet, very savory, and a nice slow burn. If Homegirl has this salsa in their kitchen, I'd jump on that one for a really nice chilaquiles plate.

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                                            You can get that Morita salsa at Ralphs.. it was a bit hit at a party where I did a salsa bar with mostly Homeboy Salsas (Two are home made, guess which two! ;))


                                            As for Homegirls Chilaquilles... they are okay... I MUCH Prefer their their M'jas, which are Migas.


                                            They also have several housemade salsas that are VERY different from their Ralphs line (Which are excellent for store bought)... my favorite is the Habanero...


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                                              Okay Dommy - you got my attention - those migas look good!

                                              I've never had them, but now they are on my list : )

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                                                They have several different version, the ones pictured above where with an herbal green turkey chorizo. They have a traditional spicy chorizo and for those spa types, a wonderful salmon with potatoes...


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                                              OMG the Morita Salsa is SPECTACULAR! And Mayor Villaraigosa (OK, I disagree with him on just about everything, but...) says it's his favorite. I had the most simple dinner imaginable tonight - butterflied whole chicken, rubbed with ground ancho chili and salt, and roasted on the grill, grilled green onions, some sauteed garlic and greens and some supermarket tortillas - and a big bowl of Homeboys Morita salsa. It SO made a good dinner into a GREAT one! I can't recommend it enough!

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                                                Ate a huge dinner tonight, and now you're making me regret that I didn't pick up another tub of the Morita salsa... glad it fits the bill for you and The Mayor.

                                        2. You'd never expect it, but The Farm has amazing chilaquiles. Hugo's is a close second...but only if you order them without the chicken sausage.

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                                            I'm absolutely addicted to the chilaquiles at ChaChaCha in Los Feliz. Hugo's is decent too.

                                            1. re: Sugar Jones

                                              Mexico City in Los Feliz
                                              The Mexican place at the farmers market

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                                              Excuse my ignorance, but are you referring to The Farm in Beverly Hills or West LA?

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                                                Gotta be The Farm in B. Hills (or the Grove) vs. L.A Farm in Santa Monica (which I seriously doubt has chilaquiles on the menu).

                                            3. If you get down to laguna beach, I don't think I've had any better than at Coyote Grill.

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                                                Neddy's is closed but I will hole heartedly second the Cha Cha Cha version in Silverlake with a cool glass of sangria. Hugo's is great too, although I hear they've been having some problems with the Health Dept.

                                              2. Hugo's is good, I've also had the ones at the Marix down the street on Flores awhile back and remember thinking they were also pretty good.

                                                1. La Cabanita!!!
                                                  It doesn't get better than that...well, except the ones I make thanks to my Grandma.
                                                  Now that she's gone and I moved back to Glendale, I am SO HAPPY I can go to La Cabanita to get the things she used to cook so well.

                                                  1. I really enjoy the chilaquiles at Lares on Pico - it has eggs mixed in, not just sauce. I also add on carnitas to take it over the top.

                                                    For the sauce-only style, the booth at the Virginia Park Saturday farmer's market has some delicious chilaquiles, too. I prefer the red sauce over the green (mild) sauce.

                                                    1. I second Tacos Delta in Silver Lake. I try chilaquiles everywhere I can find them and these are hands down the best I've had in L.A.

                                                      1. Cha Cha Cha's in Silverlake is definitely the best!!!

                                                        1. I had been on a hunt for the best green chilaquiles in LA for 2 months. The best I found were in Downey at GLORIAS. I know it is not west side but they are the best in LA, best mexican authentic version anyways.

                                                          1. I actually like the chilaquiles at Luna Park on La Brea. They only serve it during weekend brunch, though (try their grilled cheese & tomato"soup", too).

                                                            1. The chilaquiles at Sazón Latin fusion in Mar Vista are amazing! It´s a small chef-owned restaurant in a strip mall. They still have a bit of crunch to them and are made for each order. The red and green salsas are fantastic, especially if you enjoy a bit of spice. I've never actually made it there in the morning, but Claudia still lets me order them for dinner :)

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                                                                Ortega 120 in Redondo Beach serves a Duck Confit Chilaquiles that is incredible. It is also a massive serving.

                                                                Ortega 120
                                                                Redondo Beach, CA, Redondo Beach, CA

                                                              2. Pinches on Washington in east Culver City has a very flavorful chilaquiles. It's much lighter on the salsa, but is full of queso, eggs, onions and maybe some kind of broth. The tortilla chips are more of a simmered texture - not crispy/semi-crispy. Served on a plate with a nice chunky guacamole and crema on the side.

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                                                                  I really like Pinche's version... they remind me more of Migas than Chilaquilles since they do such a nice job of cooking the egg in...


                                                                2. Great question. I've usually had hole in the wall or homemade ones only. That being said, the Mexican joint next to Dinah's in Glendale was pretty good hole in the wall!