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Sep 26, 2006 05:32 PM

Mariage freres tea

What are your favorites? Is there any difference in quality between the ones you buy form paris and what you order online or buy in the US?
My favorites,so far,are the wedding imperial(so delicious),marco polo and the earl grey imperial.

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  1. If you'll look at this site they used to use the bags from the Mariage freres tea group. Now they use their own and you can see the resumblance at the site. This place had some of the best green tea I ever tasted. They only sell tea. They have an interesting background (life story). They can probably help you to find a tea like the one you're looking for.

    Their site is:
    and have many deneral Chowhounding Topics Feed-icon
    Mariage freres tea

    I met Nat Lit who founded the place, an interesting raconteur, and I'm sure his daughter who runs the place is just great at helping people find the kind of tea they want.

    1. My favorites are the Bourbon (a rich sherry/vanilla flavor) and Fils de France. I've brought it home each time I visit Paris; can't find it anyplace in the So Cal region. Thanks to EclecticEater for posting the online site!

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        There's always that tiny, tiny selection of Mariage Frères Williams Sonoma carries here in SoCal. Boule on La Cienega in near the Beverly Center was carrying a bigger selection when they first opened, but they've switched to Le Palais des Thés. (Which, of course, is so necessary, what with Jin Pâtisserie's selling Le Palais des Thés, and our having a Palais des Thés boutique in Beverly Hills...) The sales assistant there told me that it was just easier to get Le Palais des Thés, so, like their amazing viennoiseries - How I miss those kouign amanns! - Mariage Frères tea was dropped from Boule.

        Strangely enough, I find Mariage Frères candles all over town but never the tea outside of the one or two varieties at Williams Sonoma. Someone's got to be carrying it, though.

      2. i love the jasmin mandarin. i found a huge selection online at

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          Me too, the Jasmin Mandarin is the bomb.

        2. Well, I order some from the cultured tea and I think, they are lesser quality than the ones from paris.

          1. I order directly from Paris-