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Sep 26, 2006 05:08 PM

can I do anything with green *cherry* tomatoes?

I love fried green tomatoes, and plan to cook some using the last of my garden. While I was picking the last sorry specimans, I saw I had a couple handfuls of green cherry tomatoes. Anyone ever use these little guys? I suppose I could just roast them and see what happens, but wondered if there's a "typical" thing to do with them.

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    1. here's a recipe for pickled green tomaotes:


      let us know how they come out. For fun you can vary the spices: a clove or two in each jar, cinnamon stick, etc.

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        I did make them a couple of days ago; I only had a handful, plus some immature "big" tomatoes that were only a bit bigger (golf ball size or so) so I threw them in a glass jar with some dill, cloves, pepper corns, and mustard seeds, then poured on boiling cider vinegar/water/salt mixture. I'm not planning on keeping these forever, so I didn't do the canning procedure and just put them in the refrigerator. I guess they're probably ready to try? Besides a martini, what are they good for :)?

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          Hi D

          I'd rec leaving them to pickle about a month or two. That's what Lou would've said. But since they are in the fridge you can taste one every now & then and see if the flavor progresses or not....

      2. My mom always pickled them, with dill, a cold-pack version. We just had them on the side like pickles. Capers were unknown in our area, so we cut them up and put them in mayo for a kind of tartar sauce.

        1. Deep fry. Roll them in an egg wash, cover with flavored bread crumbs and deep fry.