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byow update: recommendations anyone?

Greetings all! I know bring your own wine places have been discussed many times in the past, but I am looking for an update. We are coming to Montreal in November (for the Decemberists concert-highly recommended)and are looking for dinner plans for Saturday.

Last time in town we hit 2 of the top recommended places on Chowhound at the time(about a year ago -les Heritiers - very good quality, presentation lacking a bit and somewhat pricey to still have paper napkins and no proper wine glasses)and La Calombe (proper wineglasses and linens! Excellent quality and presentation,but some of our friends thought the selection was too limited (I did not)). Anyhow, any updates on the BYOW scene? We were thinking of revisiting La Calombe- any thoughts???? Did Les Heritiers upgrtade their settings?


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  1. La Colombe is also my favourite. A few others to try include: À l'Os, O`Thym and Le Petit Plateau.

    1. I've always enjoyed my experience at La Colombe. You may also try Bleu Raisin - if you bring a "better quality" bottle with you, they'll likely break out the Riedels for you. If you found the menu at La Colombe limited, that'll probably be the case as well with the table d'hôte here - usually only 3-4 options but always very good.

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        Small correction on Le Bleu Raisin: there's no table d'hôte, just five or six apps, one sorbet "entremets", five or six mains (usually two fowl, one seafood, two or three red meat dishes), and cheese and desserts. All à la carte, and no duds yet after three visits.

        To give an idea of price, a recent dinner for two with apps, mains and desserts came to $100 before tax and tip. Other visits were a bit pricier, presumably because we ordered foie gras those times.

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          True that. In my mind it's always "table d'hôte" since we always get an entrée, a main and of course, dessert. :-)

      2. The quality and value of the food at La Colombe is never in doubt. Why I don't rank it higher is because I've rarely been wowed by a dish there, unlike at Le Bleu Raisin, Le P'tit Plateau (points off for their inadequate stemware, nor do they have tablecloths or cloth napkins) or Christophe. While À l'os is variable and pricey, it's the closest thing to a BYO steakhouse. Of it and its sister eateries Les Infidèles and O'Thym, I much prefer the last. Sounds like Le Bleu Raisin would come closest to what you're looking for. www.lebleuraisin.com

        1. Have to disagree with you slightly here. The polish and imagination of the dishes at Les Infidèles, www.lesinfideles.ca, is beyond that of the other BYO restaurants. My experience at Le Bleu Raisin was that the dishes were a bit forced in terms of creativity.

          On the other hand, I am suprised people don't mention it more often so perhaps it is just me.

          1. Thanks so much for the input. It's nice to see a debate over good food! I checked out the les Infideles webpage and it looks very intriguing- also in the neighborhood where we will be so an easier/nicer walk than to le bleu raisin; any other comments/experiences regarding les Infideles?

            1. I enjoyed my lunch very much last Friday at O'Thym. I didn't have wine (last minute decision to go), but I noticed a group at another table ordering a cheese plate after dessert, leisurely finishing their wine. My waitress made me the best expresso allonge! (it's not always made properly so won extra points).

              1. Yoyo is one of the best in town. Le zeste de folie on Masson street is also incredible. It is a quiet restaurant. Rosemont is not as trendy as the Plateau, but the food there is really good.

                1. The menu at YoYo looks great! I like the variety while still being restricted in scope and the prices seem right too. Any other reviews or comments on YoYo out there? I read a review on a travel site that recently complained about the service...

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                    I was there recently and the service was really fine. We went to the first serving, they have one around 6 and the other around 9 depending if the restaurant is full or not, and the girl was super nice. I was with my parents, brother and his daughter. My niece is 10 years old and well behaved, but certain restaurants don't like having children around because it cramps their "style"!! Not the case here....they even suggest plates that are not on the menu for kids. The food is the greatest!! You got to have their gâteau beauceron for dessert....

                  2. Hi, I recently tried a new restaurant on Prince Arthur called De Damas à Baghdad and it was quite good. It's something new and interesting to try if you like to try something new. When I went the service was a little slow but it was a Saturday night and they were busy plus they didn't open long ago so I guess they're adapting. If anyone else tries it, let me know what you think.

                    De Damas à Baghdad
                    170, rue Prince-Arthur Est