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Sep 26, 2006 04:44 PM

Soup Carts (Downton or Anywhere) in Manhattan

Alot of mentions on this board go to the various carts in the city. We praise a specific Hallal cart, or a cart with chili or sausages but we hardly ever mention soup carts. Soup season will be upon us pretty soon, and with the weather getting a bit colder I tried my first soup cart today (figured after 4 years of working in the finaical district I might as well try it). I went to the cart on the corner of Wililam and Wall, had the Carribean Chicken Soup. Now it wasn't the best soup I've ever had but for $4 it was alot cheaper and the same quality of alot of the delis/ gourmet places down here. Anyone know of better soup carts either in the FD or anywhere else in Manhattan? Or is soup a food that just doesn't translate like some of the other foods do?

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  1. There's a soup cart on either 48th or 49th between 6th and 7th Aves. I haven't tried it, but I remember reading a favorable post last winter.

    1. Although it's not there yet, in the past couple of fall/winter seasons there was a good soup cart on the corner of Broad and Beaver (across the street from Duane Reade). I especially like the Italian Wedding and several of the chicken soups. They also have lobster bisque, beef chili (different style and not as good as the Daisy Mae cart on Wall Street) and several others that rotate through the menu.

      1. The soup cart on 49th (in front of 1251 btwn 6th/7th) is back this year. He's got amazing soups with a large variety such as Chicken Gumbo, Chicken Jerkey, Pasta Fagioli, Tomato Bisque, etc. And it's only $5 for a large soup ($4 for sm) versus spending $9 at the nearby Hale & Hearty.

        Personally, I think this cart has better soup than any of the gourmet places around here.