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Sep 26, 2006 04:41 PM

Eats near Airport? LAX

Does anyone know the lay of the land by LAX? We're going to be stuck as the Marriott for a convention for 5 days.

I'm looking for 1) cheap drink 2) affordable eats (healthy sandwiches, burgers, snacks) 3) good sushi & sake and 4) maybe a nearby grocery or supermarket to buy some food for hotel room.


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  1. If you search the board for LAX related postings you'll find a number of threads.

    I'd recommend Ayara Thai, at 6245 West 87th Street 310) 410-8848
    (just off of Sepulveda, tucked away in a lot off of Manchester.)

    You might also try Shula's at the LAX Sheraton for drinks and a steak.

    For a good grocery store, there is a new Bristol Farms at Lincoln and Manchester ( a major block west of Sepulveda.) For a standard chain, there's a Ralph's at Sepulveda and Manchester.

    No sushi particularly nearby, but if you avoid rush hour, much of the city is pretty accessible if you are willing to drive.

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    1. Sorrento Italian Market, on Sepulveda blvd. about 2 miles north of LAX. In addition to about 10,000 items on their shelves, they also have a deli for sandwiches and pastry goods. beverages, etc.. Do your 'grocery' shopping there...

      1. whenever i pick someone up at the airport, we end up going to Kanpai for lunch: small sushi bar on Lincoln (8325 lincoln, north of Manchester Ave.). Not too expensive, pretty delicious -- I like the negi-toro box.

        (also i second Ayara: cheap and really fresh neighborhood Thai. a great find!)

        1. I suggest Rinaldi's Italian Deli in El Segundo. (Just south of the airport.) It is located on Main Street right across from the fire department.

          Really great sandwiches on amazing bread.

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          1. re: Wes

            For dessert after Rinaldi's or any other place on Main in El Segundo -- Lickety Split for frozen custard.

          2. For two "only in L.A." dinners not far away:

            Cafe del Rey in the Marina off Lincoln a bit to the north. Views of the sailboats in the Marina, good food, service and wine.

            If you can make it up to Main Street on the southern end of Santa Monica, I'm a big fan of Chinois on Main. Big flavors, shared dishes, splashy decor, and I've always been treated well. Wolfgang Puck flagship restaurant (after the original Spago).