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Sep 26, 2006 04:39 PM

Help making Congee in my Zojirushi

I've tried to make congee in my Zojirushi rice maker using the porridge setting. But I must be doing something wrong as it hasn't worked out...

Does anyone have any advice/instructions they can give me to make this right?


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  1. ..does it not come out smooth enough and retain too much of the rice shape?

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      1. re: TOgirl

        There are a number of 'types' of congee, whether Cantonese, Vietnamese, Japanese etc...they all have different consistencies...I personally prefer Cantonese...but my Japanese made rice maker produces one with distinct grains of is not a Zo which is also Japanese, so I wonder whether a rice maker from China with a 'porridge' setting would work better for me.
        Are you using the enclosed cup measure which came with the machine? Are you soaking the rice first? What kind of rice are you using? Are you using the largest volume of liquid allowed for porridge?

        1. re: ChowFun_derek

          I prefer Cantonese congee as well. Yes using measuring cup. Not soaking rice. Using regular long grain rice - like I would making it on the stove top. Maybe I'm not adding enough water...

    1. How much water did you put in?

      1. I make congee (jook in my family) with 10:1 water to rice ratio (by volume). Anything more than that is a little thick for me. If you're at a ratio of 5:1 or greater, I'd check your recipe.

        1. I don't see why you can't make it on the stovetop in a heavy pot, that way you can keep an eye on it and add liquid as needed. Sounds like your liquid wasn't enough if you ended up with solid rice. The Filipino version of your dish is lugaw which I make often on the stovetop.

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            We don't make it on the stove top anymore because my darling husband kept forgetting it was there and would burn up my pans........

          2. A couple of things:

            1) Make sure you increase the amount of water when you switch to porridge mode. The level should be indicated in the rice cooker insert.

            2) My wife starts congee in the rice cooker. After it's beeped, she pours it into a pot on the stovetop, then adds boiling water to take it to the desired consistency.

            Ingredients are added (meat, fish, etc.) and the whole thing simmers over a low flame until it's ready -- usually about 1/2 hour.